Top Santé Bodycare Awards 2021

Entries are now open for Top Santé Bodycare Awards 2021!

The categories are:

  1. Best body wash (gel/liquid/mousse formulas)
  2. Best body bar (“soap” formula)
  3. Best body exfoliator
  4. Best body moisturiser
  5. Best body oil
  6. Best body treatment (cellulite, skin tightening, etc)
  7. Best bath product
  8. Best foot cream
  9. Best hand cream
  10. Best neck treatment
  11. Best sunscreen
  12. Best bodycare gadget
  13. Editor’s choice: Best eco bodycare brand
  14. Readers’ choice (voted for on

Deadline for entries: Wednesday March 3, 2021.

  • In the first 12 categories we are looking for the most effective bodycare products, particularly suitable for women aged over 40.
  • In the editor’s choice category, we are looking for the most effective green/eco beauty brand as a whole. Criteria will include: efficacy, environmentally friendly credentials in terms of formula, packaging and ingredients. If short listed, a few samples will be requested from the editor.
  • The final category will be an open vote on our website: It will be within this ‘Awards’ tab if you wish to direct your customers there to vote. Voting form will be uploaded once shortlisted products are chosen.
  • The deadline for entries is Wednesday March 3, 2021. Entries received after this date, or incomplete entries, will not be considered.
  • All categories are open to products sold online, in supermarkets and through network marketing programmes and/or shopping channels.
  • Please enter online only using the form. Please do not send info to individuals team members.
  • Five products will be shortlisted for each category. If your product is shortlisted you will be notified by March 9 and be asked to send five of the products for testing by March 26 latest.
  • All testers will be aged 40 plus and will test the products for four weeks.
  • All gold, silver, bronze and shortlisted products will be featured in the August issue, on sale July 6, 2021, and on the Top Santé website on the same date.
  • Awards are FREE to enter. Usage of winners’ logos, should your product be placed Gold, Silver, Bronze or be Shortlisted, attracts a fee. For information about fee structure and further promotional opportunities, please email [email protected]

Click HERE to be taken to the entry form.