Great news – the Top Santé Ageless Beauty Awards are open for entries!

Our awards are for brands and products that appeal to women who value natural ingredients and want to boost their skin health.

What makes the Top Santé awards stand out in a crowded marketplace is our super-targeted approach. We are focusing firmly on the face and identifying the very best product for a range of different skin types, zooming in on the skin-enhancing benefit of each product.

Our categories

  1. Best day cream…for lifting
  2. Best day cream…for brightening (and pigmentation)
  3. Best day cream …for fine lines
  4. Best day cream …for hydrating (dry skin)
  5. Best day cream …for oily skin
  6. Best day cream …for sensitive skins (ie eczema, rosacea)
  7. Best day cream …for problem skins (ie acne)
  8. Best night cream…for lifting
  9. Best night cream …for brightening (and pigmentation)
  10. Best night cream …for fine lines
  11. Best night cream …for hydrating (dry skin)
  12. Best night cream …for oily skin
  13. Best night cream …for sensitive skins (ie eczema, rosacea)
  14. Best night cream …for problem skins (ie acne)
  15. Best product for wide-awake eyes
  16. Best mask
  17. Best skin saviour (eg primer, BB cream, includes oils and serums)
  18. Best neck/décolletage cream
  19. Best anti-ageing cleanser
  20. Best anti-ageing exfoliator

Each category has a gold, silver and bronze winner, plus shortlisted finalists.

How to enter

All you need to do is send in three samples of your product, clearly marked Top Santé Beauty Awards, giving a contact name and address, product details including name, key ingredients, website and price, and stating the category you would like to enter.

If you do not send three samples your product will not be able to be tested.

If you would like one product to enter more than one category, ie if you would like your face cream to be judged on its ability for brightening and on its ability for fine lines, you need to send two sets of samples, ie six products in total.

Samples will be given to real women to test.

There is no cost to enter your product into the Top Santé Ageless Beauty Awards.

Closing date for entries: Friday May 11, 2018

Please send entries to

Top Sante Ageless Beauty Awards

Kelsey Media

14 Priestgate



Please email with any questions.


What is Top Santé?

Top Santé is the UK’s biggest selling health and beauty magazine for women over 40, and the UK’s fastest growing health magazine for women (Active sales in ABC, January – December 2016). Since launching in the UK in 1992 it has evolved to become a multi-platform brand providing credible and trusted health and beauty information to a growing audience.

What are the Top Santé Awards?

Recognised by the beauty industry and women over 40 as the UK’s most credible awards with a robust set of testing procedures conducted by a mix of experts and real women whose decisions are not influenced or based on commercial revenue derived from manufacturers.

This makes us the most credible and trusted awards for women over 40

How most credible?

  1. Free to enter
  2. We review more products
  3. More and better defined categories
  4. More useful for women over 40
  5. Industry buy-in

We can’t wait to receive your entries, don’t delay!