The time has come for all beauty PRs, company owners and affiliate marketing managers to enter your products into Top Santé Beauty Awards 2022!

This year’s awards are bigger than ever and will be shared with Kelsey’s wellbeing audience of 2.4million.

We’ve combined all categories – skincare, haircare and bodycare – into one bumper awards with 51 categories, and will be creating video content to announce and showcase the winners!

The awards results including shortlisted brands will be announced in the December 2022 issue (on sale October 25) as well as online and on social media around the same time – the perfect time for encouraging some Christmas shopping!

The results will be featured in print and online and across the Top Santé social media channels for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Haircare categories:

  1. Best shampoo for fine hair
  2. Best conditioner for fine hair
  3. Best shampoo for dry hair
  4. Best conditioner for dry hair
  5. Best everyday shampoo (normal)
  6. Best everyday conditioner (normal)
  7. Best shampoo for coloured hair
  8. Best conditioner for coloured hair
  9. Best hair shampoo for textured/afro
  10. Best hair conditioner for textured/afro
  11. Best shampoo for silver/grey hair
  12. Best conditioner for silver/grey hair
  13. Best solid bar shampoo
  14. Best solid bar conditioner
  15. Best dry shampoo
  16. Best conditioning mask
  17. Best scalp treatment for fine hair
  18. Best scalp treatment for oily hair
  19. Best volumiser
  20. Best hair gadget
  21. Readers’ choice: Favourite hair brand

Skincare categories:

  1. Best day moisturiser
  2. Best night moisturiser
  3. Best cleanser
  4. Best everyday toner
  5. Best resurfacing toner
  6. Best miscellar water
  7. Best face oil
  8. Best eye product
  9. Best lip product
  10. Best face mask
  11. Best serum
  12. Best exfoliator
  13. Best CBD product
  14. Best neck product
  15. Best facial sunscreen
  16. Best facial gadget
  17. Readers’ Choice: Favourite skincare brand

Bodycare categories:

  1. Best body wash
  2. Best body bar
  3. Best body exfoliator
  4. Best body moisturiser
  5. Best body oil
  6. Best body serum
  7. Best bath product
  8. Best foot cream
  9. Best hand cream
  10. Best body sunscreen
  11. Best natural deodorant
  12. Best bodycare gadget
  13. Readers’ choice: Favourite bodycare brand

What products are we looking for?

  • We are looking for products targeted at women aged 40+, so things that help plump, smooth and rejuvenate.
  • A panel of testers age 40+ will test the products for up to two months, after which gold, silver and bronze will be chosen for each category.
  • All categories are open to products sold online, in supermarkets and through network marketing programmes and/or shopping channels.
  • Please do not submit products containing phthalates, petrochemical derivatives or sodium lauryl sulphate.
  • Five products will be shortlisted for each category. If your product/s is/are shortlisted you will be notified between May 30 and June 10 (inclusive) and asked to send out 5 samples for testing (please note: these will all need to go to different addresses this year, not all to one address).
  • Best gadgets note: these will be tested in house so only 2 samples need be sent.
  • Reader’s Choice: These categories will be an open vote at Voting will open June 17 and close July 29. Please encourage your followers to vote!
  • The Gold, Silver, Bronze and shortlisted products will be included in the December 2022 issue, on sale October 25, as well as on the website and on social media around the same time.
  • To find out about advertising opportunities and use of logos, please contact Commercial Executive Hannah Lees on [email protected]


Please click the link below to be taken to the entry form. One entry is £60 inc VAT. Discounts are available for multiple entries – see each option on the Kelsey Shop website. One token gives you one entry/product.

      • After completing the entry form, you will be redirected to the payment page.
      • Please complete one entry form per product – note, you can enter more than one product into each category, as long as you pay for the relevant number of entries.
      • Deadline for entries is 6pm on Friday May 13.

Click HERE to be taken to the entry form.