Not sure how to cover those dark circles? Make-up artist Julie Brown is here to explain how to apply under eye concealer correctly…

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The skin under your eyes can become thinner, dryer and darker over time. Concealer can be a great tool when trying to hide dark circles or puffiness in your under-eye area, however, many people are not sure how to apply their under-eye concealer effectively. Whether you cake it on too liberally, forget to blend it out or use the wrong shade altogether, these small errors can quickly take your make-up look from fab to drab. Luckily, these concealer mistakes can be easily avoided with these simple make-up masterclass tips…

how to apply under eye concealer correctly

1. Hydrate your under-eye skin

This will help prevent your concealer creasing, caking or sitting in fine lines. Apply eye cream or gel in the evening, using a metal applicator ball, or tap it in with your ring finger to help reduce puffiness and boost circulation. Try The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCC (£5.80,

2. Look for colour-correcting or light-diffusing under-eye concealers

The right product is invaluable for disguising darkness. Choose one that’s creamy in texture and apply it before your concealer. Peach or pink ones can tackle purple or green-toned skin. Alternatively, choose a primer with light-diffusing particles such as MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter (£21, Starting at the innermost corner of the eye, which can be quite dark, apply the colour corrector/primer all along the lash line with a small brush, then blend with a finger.

3. Choose creamy concealers for dry skin

Creamy concealers work best on dryer, textured skin – look for those containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for hydration. Choose a colour that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

how to apply under eye concealer correctly

4. Apply the right amount of under-eye concealer

Concealer, like primer, is also applied to the inner corner of the eye and then over the entire area below the lower lashes. Use less as you move towards the outside edge of the eye. Use a fluffy brush or small beauty sponge to apply your under-eye concealer, gently tapping and blending into the skin. A touch of finishing spray on the sponge helps prevent the concealer settling into fine lines. Very gently stretch the skin for a more even coverage and only use as much concealer as you need for a natural finish.

5. Set your under-eye concealer with powder

Set everything in place with a light dusting of brightening loose powder, knocking any excess off the brush before applying. If you apply too much the concealer may start to cake.

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