TV and radio star Gaby Roslin, 57, is on a mission to spread as much happiness as possible. She shares with Top Santé editor Katy Sunnassee her methods for staying healthy and positive…

Katy Sunnassee: Your Instagram feed is joyful. Are you always so upbeat?

Gaby Roslin: The past 18 months have been difficult for everyone so my big thing now is about spreading joy. Even as a child, I was one of those annoyingly positive people. I was always destined to be a TV presenter or an interviewer.

I’d chat to anybody, but it was always about having fun and a laugh. Even when I played sport I’d never play to win, I’d fall over or hit myself on the head with the ball because it’s more fun to have a laugh about it.

Every school report said, “Gaby talks too much and she doesn’t stop giggling”. And I’ve carried on doing it and made a career of it. I absolutely love what I do – I love television, I love radio and I love doing my podcast – and it’s really just about looking for the best side of everything and acting the fool – I’m happy to laugh at myself.

KS: You cut out gluten and wheat a long time ago. Can tell us more about this?

GR: So just a little bit of background, my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer 25 years ago and thankfully survived. Mum died of lung cancer 24 years ago so they both had different cancers in different hospitals and when they were both ill, I wanted to research nutrition and health.

I’d also found out a couple of years before that I’d had a lifelong allergy to wheat – not just an intolerance, a proper allergy, and I hadn’t known! So I’d gone to bed every night with a hot water bottle on my tummy, because I didn’t know any other way.

I couldn’t breathe through my nose either. When I started out in TV, I was always very nasal but I didn’t know why. After finding out about my wheat allergy and gluten intolerance, I cut both of them out. Also, I wanted to be more aware about gut health and the stuff I’ve learned over the years is unbelievable.

I also started taking Symprove two years ago. My husband and I take it first thing every single morning on an empty stomach. It’s a water-based food supplement that fills your gut with good bacteria while helping get rid of the bad ones. It has worked wonders and is good for my mental health as well. I tell all my friends about it. It honestly makes me feel better.

KS: And then what is a typical breakfast in your household?

GR: It depends, sometimes I might have a fake scrambled egg using tofu, spinach and shiitake mushrooms and beetroot, or sometimes I might have real eggs instead of the tofu.

If somebody had said to seven-year-old me that I was going to have vegetables for breakfast instead of toast and marmite, I would’ve been horrified! But it’s fantastic; it fuels my body for the day.

gaby roslin

‘I walked every single day for that hour we were allowed out; I walked and I looked at the sky.’ (Photo: Holly Wren)

KS: You’re very into your fitness –you even did an ab workout before this interview!

GR: Yes, just a seven-minute abs one. I do a workout every morning. I’ve not gone to the gym since March 2020. I now do online workouts with the lovely Karen Hauer from Strictly who has them on her IGTV, and also Alice Liveing who is really inspirational.

I do some HIIT workouts from the Body Coach and recently got into Caroline Girvan, who I heard about on Chris Evans’ breakfast show – I do her upper body workout. I mix them up, so will do HIIT one day, then abs on another.

KS: And you’re a big fan of walking, too…

GR: Yes, it’s good for the brain and gut and I think that’s what kept me pretty sane in lockdown. I walked every single day for that hour we were allowed out; I walked and I looked at the sky.

And I know some people lack confidence or suffer from anxiety and I get that, I have friends who feel exactly the same. A friend of ours has agoraphobia so I said, “I want you to just go open the front door. Then close it and go back in”. She did that and recently was able to go around the block and I’m so proud of her.

KS: How else do you feel good?

GR: Putting your arms up in the air, then dropping, them makes you feel good – try it now! I made the Breakfast team do that one morning. It really works.

Another thing that makes a difference is my Fitbit. I became fascinated by watching my steps and the numbers going up. I ended up giving up drinking, because I enjoyed my walks so much and didn’t want to have a hangover!

KS: Do you drink at all now?

GR: No. I’ve not for three years. I’m thrilled I’m booze free. If I’d known sooner how much better I would feel, I would’ve stopped years ago. I wasn’t a heavy drinker so I’m lucky it wasn’t too difficult, but I drank on Friday and Saturday nights.

Not drinking is such a revelation. I love it. I can leave a party whenever I want because I’m not drunk, I don’t have to pay for a taxi, I get in my electric car and go – no hanging about in the cold.

KS: I believe you cut out sugar as well?

GR: I don’t like sugary things, I’m pickles all the way! I love kimchi and have that every day. I also like pickled beetroots. I buy fresh, organic ones and slice them, top with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of pink salt and some coconut nectar, then roast them.

KS: Where do you tend to get most of your food from? Do you grow any of it?

GR: We grew tomatoes for the first time this year. We also get everything organic either locally or we have it delivered, then top it up from local organic shops.

‘If you’re able to, right before you leave the house, just jump. It’s so silly it makes you laugh!’ (Photo via Gaby Roslin on Instagram)

KS: If you were in charge of the country, what three things would you do?

GR: First, I’d make sure all doctors and nurses had a big pay rise. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done.

Second, on a daft note, I’d get everyone to jump! If you’re able to, right before you leave the house, just jump. It’s so silly it makes you laugh! A friend of mine is in a wheelchair so what she does is put her head down and then throws it back as that helps her feel good.

Third, I’d say smile first thing in the morning. It makes you feel better instantly.

KS: Any final thoughts on how to stay positive?

GR: Wow, I’ve got too many, probably! But I think it’s vitally important to spread joy and to make others feel good, too. There are probably people around you who are feeling they haven’t got anybody to talk to, so just be there and be open to everybody.

If you’re having a really rubbish day, don’t waste it as you can find at least a little bit of happiness, even if it’s just a nice bath. Also laugh as much as you can. I’ve had some amazing guests on my podcast and I always ask them what makes them belly laugh.

When Robbie Williams was on, I told him about how when a friend of mine fell down a manhole I could not stop laughing, then Rob said he also fell down a manhole and the two of us were literally peeing ourselves laughing.

Kate Winslet tells funny stories; Lee Mack told me about pooing onstage and honestly, I lost it! Rob Brydon and Rob Beckett have both been on. It sounds like I’m name dropping and this isn’t meant to be an advert – these guys are just all so amazing and worth a listen.

Gaby Roslin is an ambassador for Symprove. To start your Symprove journey, order a 12-week (£158) or four-week (£79) course online via For a 15% discount off your first 12 weeks, you can use Gaby’s discount code, GABY15. Listen to Gaby on BBC Radio London on Sundays at 12pm and on That Gaby Roslin Podcast, and find her on

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