Joy Harrison reveals how her nutritional therapy qualification from CNM is helping her transform people’s lives for the better…

There isn’t one area of my life that hasn’t been positively impacted by studying nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). Nutritional therapy is my passion, my career and what people now know me for.

Nutrition was the key to overcoming my health issues. After suffering from chronic allergies, skin issues and digestive complaints for many years, it wasn’t until I learned about nutrition that profound changes occurred in my health.

I was inspired to study natural therapies after seeing a close family member recover from chronic fatigue
syndrome by making nutrition and lifestyle changes, despite doctors only prescribing antidepressants and telling them they would have the condition for life. They are now brimming with energy. I’ve always wanted to champion this kind of change in people’s lives.

Set for success

While I was looking at different colleges to study nutrition, I came across CNM, which looked very impressive. The weekend study option offered by CNM Belfast suited me perfectly as I could continue working while studying.

The first year of biomedicine helped lay down the foundations for understanding how the body works – this knowledge is invaluable. I especially loved the clinical hours, which commenced in my second year.  I observed consultations for 100 hours and then undertook 100 clinical hours with my own clients.

This level of clinical experience sets you up for success when you graduate. You get a true feel of what your future career could look like.

Changing lives thanks to CNM

I now run my own business, Joy Fuelled Nutrition, where I consult with clients privately. I also work out of a family-run clinic alongside a herbalist and a kinesiologist. Furthermore, I specialise in gut health, skin health and autoimmunity, paired with relevant functional testing.

I’m so inspired by clients who are ready and willing to do what they need to do to get their health back. It’s so rewarding to see the difference I’ve been able to make to my clients’ lives, enabling them to get their health and quality of life back. If like me, nutrition is your passion, CNM is a great way to grow and harness your skills.

CNM has a 22-year track record training successful natural health practitioners, in class and online, with colleges across the UK and Ireland. To find out more, visit or call 01342 777 747.