Did you know, the NHS recommends taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months? This is because our skin creates vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, which is less prevalent during the darker winter months.

With autumn drawing closer, we’ve rounded up our favourite vitamin D supplements, to help you feel your best all year round…

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vitamin d supplement spray

Higher Nature Vitamin D3 Spray (£9.99)

This oral spray from Higher Nature contains active vitamin D that is easily absorbed by the body. Its small, handy size makes it perfect for travelling!

Two sprays per day is all you need. The liquid spray form makes this an ideal option for people who struggle to swallow pills or capsules. The company also makes a vitamin D spray for kids!

vitamin d3 supplements

Wild Earth Vitamin D3 (£8.99 for 30)

The vitamin D3 within this supplement is sourced from lichen, making it a suitable product for vegans. Combined with nutrient-dense spirulina and green banana flour for gut health, it packs a nourishing punch.

Plus, all of Wild Earth’s packaging, including the blister pack, is made with 100 per cent compostable and biodegradable organic matter.

high strength vitamin D

HuxD3 (£6.79 for 30)

This high strength vitamin D supplement contains 500mcg of vitamin D3 per pill! This means you only take one capsule every two weeks. The supplements contain a form of vitamin D that our bodies can easily absorb. Plus, they are gelatin-free, meaning they are suitable for vegetarians

The capsules contain the active ingredient colecalciferol, a form of vitamin D used in the initial treatment of clinically relevant vitamin D deficiency in adults. Always check with your doctor before taking a high-strength supplement.

vitamin D supplement patches

Vitamin Injections London Vitamin D3 Skin Patches (£49.99 for a month’s supply)

These adhesive patches are another great option for those who struggle to swallow pills. The patches slowly release vitamin D into your skin over 12-24 hours. They also contain magnesium and Vitamin K2.

The company sources the vitamin D from cod liver oil, meaning these patches are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

vitamin D supplement liquid drops

Viridian Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops (£12.80 for 50ml)

These vitamin D3 drops are super easy to administer and ideal for anyone who can’t swallow pills. Plus, they are deliciously flavoured with natural orange oil!

One dropper provides 50 mcg of vitamin D. Viridian derives the vitamin D from lichen, meaning this product is vegan-friendly.

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