I used to be a smoker. Thankfully I quit five years ago but my lips and the surrounding area now have wrinkles. Are there any natural ways to smooth out these lines? Maggie, 45


While there is no rewind button for our past choices, we can do something now to prevent and reduce their effects. PHB‘s Anti-ageing Gel Serum with Organic Rose & Sea Buckthorn (£19.95) is a wonderworker at rejuvenating the skin, smoothing wrinkles, reducing dark spots and promoting a radiant complexion. Handmade in the UK with vitamin-rich organic sea buckthorn and rose oils, the serum is full of vitamins, antioxidants and omegas that hydrate and deeply penetrate the skin, allowing these pure botanical extracts to get to work at the lowest layers of skin where they can truly make a difference.

ask the expertsIn addition to the serum use PHB‘s Anti-aging Moisturiser with Monoï Oil and Gardenia (£18.95), which gives extra hydration to drier areas to plump and rejuvenate the skin. Based on an ancient Polynesian formula where Gardenia Flowers are handpicked and infused in coconut oil. This exotic active blend nourishes skin with natural antioxidants & vitamins that replenish, restore elasticity, improve firmness and regenerate cells for a natural healthy glow. Gardenia flowers have unique properties that encourage collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation, protecting firmness and elasticity for more supple skin and leaving you absolutely glowing!