Make-up artist Julie Brown specialises in helping women over 40 perfect their look. Here, she focuses on eyes.

Some women lose their confidence with eyeshadow as they get older and their skin changes, but with the right approach you can transform your look.

Start with eye primer, which smoothes out any crêpiness or darkened lids. It helps eye shadow stay put and prevents it sinking into creases. Opt for peach-toned,or those containing light-reflective pigments.

The finish for all ages is satin powder, which has an even sheen, blends well and complements all skin types. Matte colour applied in the crease adds the contour that can be lacking on older skin.

Shimmers, frost and glitters can sit in fine lines but many newer shadows are formulated to avoid this. If new to shimmers, begin by popping a little on the centre of your eyelids.

Basic colour guidelines

There are no strict rules. If you like the way a shade looks on you, use it, but there are some classic looks:
Brown eyes suit most colours, especially chocolate, olive, and plum.
Blue eyes suit most colours, though pink can make them look a little sore.
Green eyes suit purple, silver, grey and green.
Grey eyes look best with purple, brown, blue and black.

Your guide to easy eye shadow

Moisturise the area, including the lid, with a non-greasy eye cream. Apply primer with a fluffy brush. Leave to dry.

Apply a light-coloured shadow, such as taupe or beige, lightly over the lids blending upwards towards the brow.

Using a small, flat brush push a darker shade onto the eyelid, packing slightly more at the lash line. Using a clean blending brush pull the colour up towards the crease with circular motions. Brush a soft line of shadow under lower lashes to open up the eyes.

Apply small amounts of a mid-tone coloured matte powder to the eye creases, blending backwards and forwards with a tapered brush. Tipping your head back gives more area to work on.

A touch of highlighter to the eye’s inner corner looks stunning.

Use matte eye shadow to line the upper lashes rather than liquid liner. Put two squirts of setting spray into a dish and dip an angled liner brush into it.

Pick up a little eye shadow on the brush and stamp it along the lash line, staying close to the lashes. Work from the inner corner outwards picking up more shadow after each stamp. Gently blend with a small, soft brush.

Julie Brown is a journalist and make-up artist. Visit her at to find out more.