With so much choice on the market around beauty and skincare, it can be hard to know who to trust – but we feel that the more natural the products, the better. That’s why we’ve decided to find out more about Handmade Naturals, by speaking to the people behind the brand.

Q : How did Handmade Naturals begin ?

Handmade Naturals believe that good quality natural skin care should be available to everyone. Every day we are exposed to pollutants, manufactured preservatives, plastics, synthetics and chemicals in our environment, our food and our skin care. At Handmade Naturals we try to make this a little better by ensuring that our products are properly 100% natural, using only pure flower waters, vegetable and essential oils. We’re a family run company that we started in 2006, when we couldn’t find anything which would help our daughter’s cradle cap and nappy rash. At the time we found that nearly all the familiar high-street products contained ingredients that we didn’t expect and didn’t want, most often synthetic preservatives, cheap petroleum based bulking agents and artificial fragrances. We even found that many products presenting themselves as natural were in fact not natural, at all, or contained only a small percentage of natural additives. So, after further research and trying and testing our own formulations, we started making our own products.

And this is how Handmade Naturals was born, from a passionate belief that good quality natural skin care should be available to everyone for a reasonable price. The brand quickly developed, and our loyal and growing customer base is testament to the great product range we now offer.

Q : How do you compare yourself with the bigger brands ?

A lot has changed over the past 10 years, but many of the big brands are still promoting their products which are not as natural or healthy as they imply they are, all covered up with expensive marketing, celebrities and models. We don’t really go for any of that…

Q : How do you maintain your standards ?

All our products are made in our own workshop in Cheshire and they’re all tested to the required EU standards and, most importantly, by us, our family and friends. All ingredients are sourced by us to ensure they meet our natural-only and where possible, organic and fairly traded standards. Because we buy our ingredients regularly and in small batches we can monitor the quality. It’s surprising how often a natural ingredient can vary from a correct and standard specification, so we have to watch out for this as well.

Q : What can customers expect to see ?

We now offer over 100 products from our website and our shop in south Cheshire. Including size variations this increases to about 150 and if we then include products from other companies that compliment ours (and which meet our quality and natural standards) we offer over 200 products.

Find out more at handmadenaturals.co.uk, call 01270 877516 or visit the shop.

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