We all know that what you eat and drink has a huge impact on your skin, but did you know that there’s a specific drink product design to give your skin a healthy boost?

Skinade – better skin from within® is the leading professional skincare drink in the UK. Its powerful ingredients and unique liquid formulation are designed to boost the skin’s natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin for smoother, younger and more hydrated skin.

Healthy summer skin

Skinade’s Summer Holiday Edition, a bespoke holiday set which includes 20 ‘ready to drink’ bottles and 10 ‘travel friendly’ sachets is perfect for this time of year!

Arid heat in many popular holiday destinations can also cause skin to become increasingly dried out during your trip. Skinade works to rehydrate as well as improve tone and texture for overall improvements to skin suppleness.

It is equally important to be taking Skinade as you switch to humid conditions, where your skin can become oily. This environment, combined with the topical application of sun creams, aftersun care and general skincare routines can lead to pores becoming blocked, which may in turn, lead to breakouts. Skinade contributes towards balancing out your skin, helping to prevent the build-up of excess oil.

Skinade can also help to combat the effects of air conditioning and to help keep dry, dull skin moisturised, especially when travelling long haul.

Dr Tariq, Doctoral Research Fellow at Santi London, says “Skinade improves the skin’s barrier integrity. Taking the Skinade drink during holidays then protects the skin from the elements of travel and sun.”

Skinade should be added to your daily skin regimen and comes recommended by dermatologist and licensed skin care professionals. Skinade has focusing its effort on increasing awareness around the benefits that liquid supplementation can have on general skin health, the message is simple: we must look beyond classic skincare treatments for the best results.

Treat your skin this summer!