Welcome to the Top Santé Skincare Beauty Awards! A panel of women, aged 40+, trialled hundreds of skincare products for several weeks, to determine which ones were the most pleasant to use and, most importantly, achieved the best results. Here, we reveal the Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners in 21 different skincare categories. Read on to discover your latest over 40s skincare beauty buy…

A note from Top Santé editor, Katy Sunnassee:

I was overwhelmed by how many products were entered for consideration this year – more than 700 – and it took a long time to narrow down the shortlist, focusing where possible on products with more natural ingredients, although also leaning towards those most suitable for over 40s skincare!

What was meant to be 13 categories ended up being 21 due in large part to the volume of cleansers entered. I thought, how can a cleansing balm go up against a micellar water? Or a milk cleanser up against an oil cleanser? This is why you’ll find seven cleanser categories, as well as two toner ones, to accommodate the different types.

I’m so proud of our beauty awards because they’re tested by readers, resulting in real, unbiased reviews you can trust. I hope, after reading these glowing reports, you’ll discover some new additions for your skincare routine – I know I have!

Without further ado, here are our 2021 skincare winners!


beauty awards skincare products over 40 women

Gold: Syrene Aqua Intense Cream (£65)

This nourishes and retains moisture thanks to a blend of marine collagen gel, seaweed extract, kawakawa leaf and manuka honey and is said to double your skin’s barrier performance after two weeks.

Anna, 44: ‘I love this cream. It smells fresh and clean, is very cool on application and absorbs very well! The elasticity of my skin has improved with this product and the packaging reminds me of cool cucumbers.’

Silver: Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen (£88)

Alongside the brand’s patented, naturally sourced alguronic acid, this over 40s skincare cream uses skin-mimicking ceramides and mary thistle plant to help moisturise and replenish the skin barrier, plumping out and minimising the appearance of fine lines and loss of elasticity for softer, suppler and more radiant skin come the morning.

Joanne, 51: ‘I love this. I was worried it might make my skin greasy, but not at all. It absorbs easily. In the morning, my skin feels hydrated, softer and improved. I would buy this product again.’

Bronze: Wild Science Lab Root + Fruit NIGHTWATCH Resilience Moisturiser (£38)

Rejuvenate skin and neutralise inflammation and redness with this blend of bakuchiol, crocus bulb extract and hyaluronic acid. It also contains eight essential oils, including sweet almond and ylang ylang, to help promote restful sleep.

Sarah, 40: ‘This transforms my tired skin with its plumping and redness-reducing formula. Unlike others I’ve used, it doesn’t feel heavy and is a really simple but effective addition to my pre-bed skincare routine.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40+ women

Gold: Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser (£24)

A natural and vegan moisturiser that combines safflower seed and rosehip oils with hyaluronic acid and green tea leaf extract to gently help restore your skin’s natural glow and provide a daily vitamin boost.

Francesca, 50: ‘This has a nice smell and rich-feeling texture but is not oily. It’s easy to apply and absorbs well. I like the feeling of tightness it gave my skin and I definitely noticed benefits after using for just a few days.’

Silver: Eve Lom Moisture Cream (£85)

This over 40s skincare cream uses Primal HyalUltrafiller – next-generation hyaluronic acid – skin-protecting peach flower and strengthening white hoarhound extract to help reduce lines and wrinkles, while protecting the skin against the effects of pollution.

Adele, 58: ‘The product feels luxurious. It’s light on your skin but feels rich and hydrating. It doesn’t have much of a fragrance, but I’m happy with that. You certainly feel pampered when using it.’

Bronze: Dermatology M Zi Cao Shui Gao Nourishing Cream (£42)

This is a deeply calming and conditioning cream that eases dryness thanks to its soothing blend of aloe vera, chamomile, bisabolol, and organic evening primrose and safflower oils. Skin cell renewal is boosted, discomfort diminished and smoother, even-toned skin restored.

Judy, 40: ‘I absolutely love this nourishing cream. The pink silkiness immediately replenishes my skin, it absorbs very quickly and also gives my face a lovely matte finish, ready for the day ahead.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40 women

Gold: Natura Siberica Instant Relief Face Tonic for sensitive skin (£8.99)

This tonic soothes and moisturises sensitive skin. It harnesses rhodiola rosea, organic Siberian pine oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to help combat signs of stress and tiredness to reveal skin’s natural radiance.

Judy, 40: ‘This instantly refreshes and absorbs quickly. Easy to spray on. It has a lovely, flowery smell and leaves the skin smooth and moisturised. Definitely a must-have in my handbag for hot summer days.’

Silver: Kjaer Weis Toner Iconic Edition (£67)

This purifies and calms the complexion, using a blend of lavender water and melissa water, while prickly pear and olive leaf extract help protect the skin from environmental stressors and Dioscorea batatas (Chinese yam) helps impart a skin-glowing radiance.

Mandy, 56: ‘Luxurious packaging, bottle and effective spritzer. This is a wonderful toner as it soothes, calms and leaves my skin feeling invigorated. Not to mention that the scent of lavender and lemon balm is gorgeous.’

Bronze: Oskia Floral Water (£58)

A delicate and refreshing toner made from organic rose hydrolat, distilled from hand-harvested petals to leave skin soft, clean and conditioned. MSM, rose water and vitamin B5 condition, calm and soothe, while hibiscus purifies and exfoliates.

Katy, 42: ‘Absolutely love this toner! The rose scent is gorgeous and it’s perfect for adding a layer of hydration after cleansing and before a serum or oil, to stop skin drying out. Love the sleek bottle and will definitely use it all up!’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40 women

Gold: Evolve Organic Beauty Bio Retinol Gold Face Mask (£26)

This gold face mask uses bio-retinol, a natural retinol-like plant extract, as well as organic argan and rosehip oils, to tackle signs of ageing, while moisturising your skin and leaving it glowing.

Diana, 70: ‘I love using this gold mask and appreciate the fact it uses all organic ingredients and the packaging is recyclable, too. The distinctive gold colour helps judgeh ow thickly to apply and I enjoy breathing in the delicious scent of rosehip. It leaves my skin smooth and glowing.’

Silver: Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial (£67)

Get the glow of a microderm facial at home thanks to the combination of physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliants that gently slough off dead skin cells and smooth texture, while the gold-stabilised vitamin C supports healthier-looking skin and a more even tone.

Laurence, 49: ‘Great product and easy to use. It left my skin in a lovely condition and will definitely recommend. I intend to keep this one in my cupboard!’

Bronze: L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask (£52)

This non-comedogenic, antioxidant-rich mask contains Immortelle essential oil – a natural, vitamin E-equivalent that protects skin from pollution, plus hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. Skin is left feeling smoother and brighter looking.

Sarah, 40: ‘This mask doesn’t produce instant results, but its plumping and hydrating effects got better with repeat application. You need to slather it on, so be prepared to have a little left on your pillow, but I did notice a brighter complexion over time.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare gadgets over 40 women

Gold: PRIORI UNVEILED Flexible LED Light Therapy Mask (£340)

Using red and infrared technology, this mask moulds to your face and floods your skin tissue with photons of light, stimulating collagen and elastin production. The mask improves hydration, texture and signs of ageing.

Katy 42: ‘This is the easiest of the gadgets to use. Simply put it on and relax for 10 minutes. My husband remarked that my skin looked smoother the day after the first use! Will definitely continue to use.’

Silver: Beauty Bio GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool (£199)

Each of the tiny 0.3mm needles in this roller creates painless microchannels within the skin to prompt the skin’s natural healing process and encourage cellular turnover and production of collagen and elastin. Apply your favourite serums or moisturisers within five minutes of microneedling for increased absorption – studies show the efficacy is increased by up to 200 times!

Molly, 72: ‘I’ve never used a product like this before, so was very curious as to how it would feel on my skin, and it does now feel slightly tighter and less wrinkled, which I suspect will improve with continued use.’

Bronze: DUOLAB (from £56 a month)

This allows you to adapt your skincare according to your daily skincare needs. Simply select your moisturising base and then your target concentrate capsule – there are 15 different combinations to choose from, including brightening, firming and soothing. Your cream is then warmed in the DUOLAB device for optimised skin absorption.

Debbie, 51: ‘This machine is easy to use and I love being able to customise my skincare depending on my skin’s needs. Having a freshly mixed and warmed product is reminiscent of being at a spa. It is a lot of effort per use though.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: Sanatio Naturalis Precious Oil Treatment (£60)

A nourishing complex of eight botanical oils, including jojoba, prickly pear, camellia and rosehip, help restore firmness and elasticity to the skin. Also contains calendula to soothe inflammation and reduce redness, and edelweiss and red-flowered silk cotton tree to shield skin from pollution.

Diana 70: ‘I love the silky lightness of this oil and the pleasant, gentle scent. It smooths well into my skin and leaves it glowing without being oily. I will definitely use this again.’

Silver: Naturekissd Renew Moisturising Oil (£25)

Alongside pomegranate and evening primrose oil, which protect and nourish, extracts of rosehip, sea buckthorn and arctic blackcurrant also feature to aid in the renewal of skin cells, while frankincense helps balance skin tone.

Francesca, 50: ‘Love this product, especially the natural scent. I applied it at night for several consecutive nights and really saw the difference in the hydration and glow of my skin.’

Bronze: Poppy’s Natural Skincare Super Age-Defying Bakuchiol & Amla Organic Face Oil (£75)

Formulated with 31 botanicals, including bakuchiol, co-enzyme Q10, marine algae and vitamin C-packed amla, this neroli-scented oil rejuvenates skin for a youthful-looking glow.

Sarah, 40: ‘This is self-care in a bottle and is an absolute joy to use. It envelopes you in a spa-like scent that relaxes your mind while the blend works to tone and firm skin. Very light and not at all thick or heavy.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: Transformulas Marine Miracle Eye Zone (£34)

This lightweight, nutrient-rich eye concentrate minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. The formulation combines marine plant extracts and ultra-concentrated 5x Aldavine to increase cell regeneration, as well as smooth the skin around the eye.

Joanne, 51: ‘A gorgeous, creamy consistency that’s easy to apply. It feels comfortable and is moisturising without being heavy. I feel there’s been an improvement.

Silver: Kate Somerville Kate Ceuticals Lifting Eye Cream (£105)

This soothing over 40s skincare eye cream uses a peptide complex to relax the look of wrinkles, while red and brown algae diminish dark circles and undereye puffiness, and vitamin C firms and brightens.

Diana, 70: ‘This cream feels smooth, cooling and refreshing. I like the pump action as it delivers just the right amount without mess. My husband has commented that the area around my eyes looks much smoother and less lined.’

Bronze: Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Eye Balm (£59)

This certified organic eye balm is perfect for over 40s skincare. It contains batatas root extract that illuminates eyes for a wide-awake look, while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and firming the eye area.

Katie, 49: ‘Love this eye balm! It’s quite thick but really good for a night eye cream and my skin feels better and more moisturised in the morning. Easy to apply and feels luxurious. I’d buy this.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare lip products over 40s women

Gold: Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate Moisturising Lip Treatment with Rhug Beeswax (£32)

A soothing balm, containing arnica, vitamin E, beeswax, olive oil and cocoa butter.

Joanne, 51: ‘Easy to carry around and has a delicious smell of honey. It moisturises without being sticky.’

Silver: Emma Hardie Amazing Lip Balm (£14)

The volulip from the kiss-me-quick plant helps create visibly plumper lips, alongside cocoa and shea butters and vitamin E.

Sarah, 52: ‘Nice, minty balm, smoothes and plumps, feels very hydrating and lasts a long time.’

Bronze: SVR CICAVIT+ Lip-Protect Repair Balm (£6)

Contains castor, sweet almond and coconut oils, plus shea butter and beeswax.

Diana, 70: ‘A small amount goes along way. This will be great for dry, cracked lips when it gets colder.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare resurfacing toner over 40s women

Gold: Jane Scrivner SKINFOLIATE (£29)

Using malic, glycolic, lactic, salicylic and citric acids in a ‘staggered penetration’ blend, SKINFOLIATE works deep to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and cell renewal, below and on thesurface, to exfoliate, soften and smooth. Skin is left softer and smoother.

Helen, 67: ‘There is a slight sting on application, which makes you think it’s doing some good! Leaves my skin feeling soft and toned. Has genuinely removed some lines.’

Silver: Alpha-H Clear Skin Tonic (£39.95)

This is a gentle exfoliating tonic with 2 per cent BHA. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile, arnica, thyme and cucumber combine to help reduce the appearance of redness, irritation and puffiness, without drying or stripping the skin.

Camilla, 50: ‘This tonic is easy to apply and has a pleasant fragrance that reminds me of tea tree. My skin feels clean and refreshed after application, without any dryness. It also gives my skin a lovely, deep clean.’

Bronze: Pixi Glow Tonic (£18)

This exfoliating toner already has a cult following and for good reason: it uses aloe vera, ginseng and botanical extracts to soothe and treat skin, while 5 per cent glycolic acid accelerates cell renewal. Skin is left simply glowing.

Adele, 58: ‘This toner smells fresh, isn’t greasy and seems to revitalise my skin. My skin does glow after use and it was nice and easy to apply. Overall, I was pleased with the result.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare serums over 40s women

Gold: Dr. LEVY Switzerland Booster Serum (£280)

Packed with stem cells from the argan tree, which stimulates the duplication of skin’s dermal stem cells, alongside retinol, antioxidants, vitamins, omegas, peptides and emollients, this serum corrects and protects.

Katy, 42: ‘Great packaging, meaning no air gets into the tube. Feels smooth to apply and not sticky like some serums. Fantastic ingredients.’

Joint silver: ilody luxmi hydrating radiance serum (£72)

This lightweight serum combines hydrating tremella mushroom, anti-inflammatory and brightening liquorice and detoxifying kombucha to improve skintone and texture, reduce dullness and brighten complexion.

Sophia, 50: ‘Love this, although I find it doesn’t interact well with other products you put over the top. It’s excellent on its own and makes my skin brighter and softer.’

Joint silver: Institut Esthederm EVE Essential Vital Elements Source Serum (£79.90)

This stimulates skin cell renewal, evens out skin tone and refines texture thanks to a combination of lactic acid, niacinamide and willow bark extract.

Molly, 72: ‘Lovely smell and texture, easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. One of the best serums I have ever used!’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: Wild Science Lab Root + Fruit Power Smoothie Skin Polish (£35)

Contains exfoliating bamboo, nourishing evening primrose oil, meadowfoam seed oil, carrot and organic coconut oil, plus vitamin C, to smooth and brighten.

Sarah, 52: ‘The orange scent smells good enough to eat! Gentle for a scrub and not too abrasive. Skin feels smoother and looks brighter.’

Silver: Tolpa Sebio 3 Enzyme Face Scrub (£9.99)

Designed to work like a face peel but without any particles or AHA acids, this scrub deeply cleanses pores and helps reduce blackheads. It’s formulated using three key enzymes: papain, bromelain and keratolin, to remove the keratinise depidermis without causing irritation.

Sophia, 50: ‘This washes away the daily grime and brightens my skin. A gentle scrub with a lovely, thick consistency. It’s good to use every other day.’

Bronze: Bioeffect Volcanic Exfoliator (£30)

This clarifying facial exfoliator contains micro-crystalline lava and ground apricot seeds to remove the build-up of dead skin and impurities. Leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Laurence, 49: ‘The perfect exfoliator – good for my skin, leaving it very soft. I would definitely recommend.’

Also shortlisted:


Gold: Scintilla Fresh-Faced Cleansing Milk (£18)

With a soft, milky texture and a formula rich in high-quality plant extracts, including aloe vera, avocado oil, cucumber extract and vitamin C, this cleanser keeps skin bouncy and rejuvenated, while also helping to prevent wrinkling – perfect for over 40s skincare!

Laurence, 49: ‘I like the glass bottle packaging. You only need a small amount and it feels lovely on your skin, leaving it feeling softer.’

Silver: Derma Quest Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser (£42)

This peptide-rich, creamy cleanser is packed with plant stem cells and a MDI Complex to hydrate parched skin, while Neodermyl bioenergy – which can deliver equivalent results of a collagen filler –encourages firmer, smoother skin.

Anna, 44: ‘This product has a divine fruity, fresh smell that becomes more luscious on application. The foamy texture feels fresh and vibrant on the skin, as well as nourishing. The packaging is sleek and sexy.’

Bronze: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cleanser (£34)

This nourishing face wash gently removes dirt, oil and make-up without stripping skin, thanks to the nourishing key ingredients, including goat milk, manuka honey, and jojoba and avocado oils.

Katy 42: ‘This has a beautiful, creamy consistency and has become a firm favourite in my beauty routine! It doesn’t strip away oils, yet it washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: Tolpa Sebio Face Wash Gel 3 Enzymes (£8.99)

This gel deeply cleanses and unclogs pores thanks to its three active enzymes: papain, bromelain and keratolin. It also helps reduce the secretion of sebum and contains antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Camilla, 50: ‘This face wash smells delicious and fruity! It’s perfect to use as a morning wake-up as it’s super refreshing and smells good enough to eat. It leaves my skin feeling clean, without any dryness. Will definitely keep using it.’

Silver: Katherine Daniels Essential Refreshing Cleansing Gel (£25)

A concentrated gel wash that forms a rich lather over skin. The soap bark extract leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and matte, while the aloe vera soothes, calms and conditions.

Hilary, 66: ‘This is refreshing; it gives a sense of luxury and pampering. It has a pleasant scent and I will definitely continue to use.’

Bronze: Wild Pharmacy Skincare Clear & Glowing Gentle Face Cleanser (£17.50)

A gentle, silky-soft cleansing gel that cleanses impurities without drying the skin, using a blend of active and gentle herbal ingredients, including pumpkin seed oil, tea tree and witch hazel.

Katie, 49: ‘A really lovely, light-feeling cleanser that’s easy to use. Has a pleasant smell and feels nice on my skin. It’s also easy to remove – suitable for day-to-day use.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: MADE BY COOPERS Grapefruit Passion Cleansing Oil (£28)

This detoxifying blend of bioactive plant oils includes passionflower oil, which is rich in omegas and amino acids to nourish the skin, jojoba oil, which naturally mimics human sebum, making it beneficial to balance oil production, and grapefruit, which helps remove toxins and clear oily, congested skin.

Katy, 42: ‘I like the uplifting citrus fragrance – not too strong, just pleasant. The oil is lightweight and feels nice on my skin, but it doesn’t turn to a milk like some of the others do. Feels nourishing on my dry skin. I like the pump dispenser, which means you don’t end up with too much in your hand.’

Silver: Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil (£13.20)

Enriched with organic oils, including avocado, rosehip, sweet almond, jojoba, rose geranium and wheatgerm, this cleansing oil gently cleanses, while maintaining the moisture balance, leaving skin soft, comfortable and glowing. It’s also Soil Association certified as 99 per cent organic.

Mandy, 56: ‘This has good packaging and is easy to use. A light fragrance of rosehip and avocado. I have not used an oil cleanser before, but there’s no turning back for me now! The cleanser is excellent, removing the day’s makeup and impurities with ease and leaving my skin feeling and looking clear, smooth and glowing.’

Bronze: Eve Lom Cleansing Oil Capsules (£55)

Each capsule is formulated with omega fatty acids and a blend of botanical oils, including eucalyptus, clove, Egyptian chamomile and hops. One capsule is enough for one full cleanse and the capsules are 100 per cent biodegradable.

Sophia, 50: ‘I love this product! The individual capsules are easy to apply to the skin and leave it feeling soft and clean. I also love the texture on my skin.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare products over 40s women

Gold: ishga Marine Cleansing Balm (£38)

The seaweed extract in this cleanser actively heals and regenerates skin, shea butter and carnauba wax nourish, and sweet almond oil gently cleanses, while the aroma of bergamot, rose geranium and patchouli lifts the spirits.

Ros, 55: ‘This has a beautiful spa-types mell with a luxurious feel. I truly feel pampered when I use this and it cleanses effectively. I love a cleansing balm and this ticks all the boxes!’

Silver: Sienna X The Cleansing Balm (£38)

Featuring rose geranium essential oil to improve the skin’s ability to heal itself, Inca inchi oil to help maintain skin’s elasticity and meadowfoam seed oil to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into your epidermis, alongside sweet almond and grapeseed oils, this balm promises to remove all traces of make-up – even the waterproof kind.

Francesca, 50: ‘This has a lovely, gentle and natural smell. Interesting texture – a bit like wax but not oily. Is easy to apply and does seem to cleanse well.’

Bronze: Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Beauty Balm (£14.99)

Improve your skin’s barrier and seal in moisture with this balm, which uses babassu oil, raw shea butter, macadamia nut oil and jojoba oil, among others, to become an effective one-pot step in your skincare routine. It’s also water-free, so super concentrated, meaning you only need to use a tiny amount for it to go a long way.

Lynne, 54: ‘I like natural products, so Iabsolutely love this. Smells beautiful, like an aromatherapy spa facial. Leaves my face nourished and clean. I will definitely buy this again, plus I like the packaging.’

Also shortlisted:


Gold: Mavala Pore Detox Foaming Cleanser (£13)

The soap-free micellar formula in this cleanser transforms from a lotion to a light, airy foam and effectively refreshes and purifies the complexion, thanks to sebum-regulating fleischer’s willowherb and witch hazel water.

Sharon, 51: ‘This foaming cleanser is a great, everyday product. The pump top is easy to use and the formula has a soft, pleasant fragrance and removes all traces of make-up, leaving my skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated.’

Silver: Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash (£17)

The combination of green tea leaf extract, aloe leaf extract, grapefruit peel oil and orange peel oil with hyaluronic acid and kojic acid makes this a nutrient-rich cleanser that promotes cell renewal for a healthy glow.

Lynne 54: ‘I have dry, ageing skin and this makes my face feel hydrated. Also, I don’t feel that it blocks my pores andbeing organic is a big plus for me.’

Bronze: IMAGE Skincare ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser (£32)

A mild, refreshing gel cleanser that gently washes away impurities, leaving skin soft, hydrated and clean. The formula contains organic aloe vera, botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid to soothe delicate skin.

Debbie, 51: ‘This has a delicate scent, which reminds me of watermelons. It has a light, gel-like, satiny consistency and a little goes a long way. My skin feels smooth and cleansed after use. I love that it contains organic, botanical ingredients.’

Also shortlisted:


Gold: OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Juice Daily Cleanser (£23)

This everyday vegan cleanser, made with orange fruit water and PHA, removes dirt, oil and longwear eye make-up to reveal super-refreshed and energised skin.

Sophia, 50: ‘Amazing product, great smell with a silky consistency to apply to the skin. Leaves my skin boosted and radiant.’

Silver: SLMD Skincare Salicylic Acid Cleanser (£26)

Formulated with 0.5 per cent salicylic acid and suitable for all skin types, this cleanser effectively exfoliates skin to promote a more even-looking complexion.

Jessica, 41: ‘The texture and scent are amazing and make my skin feel so clean and tingly. It foams nicely and removes make-up well. My skin feels clear and smooth afterwards, as if it has been exfoliated with a scrub, but without feeling stripped. I’ll be using this regularly as part of my morning routine.’

Bronze: PRIORI Gentle Cleanser LCA fx110 (£29.50)

With an anti-irritation complex and 12 per cent lactic acid, this cleanser exfoliates, hydrates and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and calm. It’s great as a make-up remover, too.

Rachel, 50: ‘Liked the simple packaging – very effective. I wouldn’t say it was as good as removing make-up as my other cleansers, but it did leave my face feeling relatively fresh.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards CBD skincare products over 40s women

Gold: La Rue Verte Detoxifying Facemask (£49.99)

This face mask is infused with 300mg of phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil, tea tree oil and activated charcoal to help skin combat pollution and inflammation, calming stressed skin and leaving it renewed.

Mandy, 56: ‘This has a clean, menthol scent, and it’s silky and lovely to use. I had little bumps and blemishes and after just three applications, my skin is noticeably clearer. Skin looks and feels smoother, with a healthy glow.’

Silver: J’TANICALS Floral Collagen Magic Face Oil (£79.95)

Featuring hemp extract to soothe and calm sensitive skin and one per cent bakuchiol to help reduce the signs of ageing, this oil gives skin a rejuvenated, youthful glow, while improving skin elasticity and helping to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A great addition to your over 40s skincare routine!

Alison, 59: ‘I was excited to try a CBD product. I wasn’t disappointed and it has definitely improved the elasticity on my face and neck.’

Bronze: Ecooking 50+ Goodnight Cream (£32)

This cream contains plant stem cell extracts to energise and firm, electrolytes to rebuild the skin barrier, plus hyaluronic acid and squalane to moisturise.

Lynne, 54: ‘All I can say is this is amazing. Rich, thick, creamy, decadent and hydrating. I will definitely buy it. Each morning my skin feels nourished and plumped.’

Also shortlisted:


Gold: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (£11)

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this micelle solution gently, but effectively, cleanses face and eyes – even removing water-resistant make-up. The micelles contained in the formula micro-emulsify impurities, while maintaining the skin’s balance.

Rachel, 51: ‘Simple but effective. Takes off make-up very easily and leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean. It also doesn’t sting my eyes.’

Silver: Science of Skin Cleanse No. One (£15.99)

This is designed to help skin recover, repair and reduce breakouts and redness, while cleansing skin. Alongside microbiome technology, salicylic acid unclogs pores, green tea reduces inflammation and witch hazel helps reduce pore sizes.

Sophia, 50: ‘This is so easy to use and feels lovely on my skin. I was surprised how much more make-up it removed after having already cleansed with my usual products. I love it.’

Bronze: Sebamed UK Micellar Water (£4.79)

For normal to dry skin, the micelles cleansing agents in this water gently remove dirt and make-up from the skin, while promoting the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle.

Molly, 72: ‘This is brilliant and so easy to use. The lid is simple to open, the water removes every trace of make-up, even eyeliner and mascara. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.’

Also shortlisted:


beauty awards skincare facial sunscreen over 40s women

Gold: Tropic SUN DAY Facial UV Defence (£24)

This broad-spectrum, water-resistant, daily sunscreen works extra hard for your skin with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, banana flower extract to calm and prebiotics that provide the right environment for your skin to flourish and stay healthy. It also carries the Protect Land + Sea logo, which means it’s certified reef safe.

Katy, 42: ‘I’ve tried a lot of sunscreens in my time as a health and beauty editor and this is now top of my list! Lightweight, non-greasy, nourishing and yet still providing SPF50, it’s a total winner. Plus, it has a gorgeous banana fragrance, so it’s more like skincare than sunscreen – no scent of regular sunscreen at all. Handy size, too.’

Silver: Caudalie SPF50 Anti-Wrinkle Face Suncare (£19)

The over 40s skincare formula for this water-resistant sunscreen combines a patented antioxidant complex that’s enriched with grape polyphenols to help combat wrinkles, plus contains no chemical filters suspected of being endocrine disruptors, such as octinoxate and octocrylene, or any filters known to be toxic to the marine environment.

Lynne 54: ‘I love that this is ocean protective, which is important to me, as well as being water resistant without feeling thick like tree sap – which some sunscreens do! It blends away easily too on application so there’s no white residue. This is my new go-to SPF and I’ve already ordered some more!’

Bronze: Soleil Toujours Mineral Ally Daily Face Defense SPF 50 (£58)

Enriched with natural antioxidants to calm and hydrate, this silky, nourishing formula melts into the skin, creating a shield of weightless protection. An ideal base for make-up.

Sarah, 40: ’I feel this SPF50 lotion works more like a primer than a sunscreen as it absorbs easily without leaving typically greasy after-effects. I also like the natural, chemical-free formula.’

Also shortlisted:


We asked you to vote for your favourite over 40s skincare brand and the results are:

GOLD: L’Occitane

SILVER: Ren Skincare


Thank you to all who voted. Congratulations to Hannah Adams, who will receive all the Gold-placed products!*

*excluding the gold-placed skincare gadget.

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 Top Santé Skincare Beauty Awards! Hopefully you’ve found some new products to add to your over 40s skincare routine. Stay tuned for our Haircare awards, coming soon!

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