Embrace complexion perfection, minimise your make-up and help the planet while you’re at it with beauty’s latest skincare trend…skinimalism!

Less is so much more in terms of beauty right now with the introduction of skinimalism, aka 2021’s pared back, environmentally friendly way to look your very best. Slowly growing in popularity in recent years, it’s finally hitting the mainstream with added perks.

‘There are so many benefits,’ says Amba Logan, a skin health expert. ‘Not only does skinimalism allow natural faces to glow without make-up, it can help hone in on key ingredients, boost confidence and supercharge sustainability.’

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism basically means using fewer products, and doing so in a more mindful way. ‘A multiple-step routine with too many different products can overload the skin and damage it,’ explains Amba.

‘A good, basic routine consisting of a thorough cleanse, proper hydration and SPF protection, with a few treatment stages added when required, keeps your shelfie minimised and the skin barrier healthy as it can really enjoy the well-picked ingredients.’

It also goes hand in hand with conscious living, enabling us to buy better, but less. ‘How many times have you tried something because it was cheap or on offer?’ Amba adds. ‘Invest in fewer products that you trust, and over time this will help the planetand your pocket.’ Here’s how to style out skinimalism…

What steps should be in a skinimalism routine?



Cleansing should never be skipped, morning or night. If you can, double cleanse on both occasions although the evening one is more important if you’ve been wearing make-up. However, this doesn’t mean you need double the product. In fact, you can use the same cleanser, twice.

Double cleansing

The first cleanse will wash away the top layer of daily grime, make-up and build-up of products, while the second will dig deeper to take care of everything left behind. And there’s always a trace of something that needs a second going over.

For this, we love Australian Bush Flower Essences Purifying Cream Cleanser (£17.95, ausflowers.co.uk from May) as it uses aloe leaf, arnica and rose-hip oil to remove what you don’t want while leaving your skin fighting fit. It rebalances essential oils, instead of stripping them, so it’s gentle and effective enough to use twice in a row.

Should I exfoliate?

Exfoliating is another consideration, but only exfoliate every day if you really need to buff unevenness, otherwise twice a week is fine. Ren Clean Skincare Summer Limited Edition Daily AHA Tonic (£28, renskincare.com) is ideal.

Sweep it over your face, allowing the lactic acid to break down build-up, while the willow bark and cucumber extract soothe, tone and brighten. This glow-enhancer is all about quality ingredients over quantity, aka the epitome of skinimalism. Also, the packaging, including the lid, is made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic.

menopausal skin


Appropriate hydration will nourish your skin, allowing it to look and feel plump, fresh and healthy. Done right it’s also the main contributor to needing less, if any, make-up.

Take care of your eyes with a good eye cream

The eyes need daily attention, so try hard working e.l.f Holy Hydration! Eye Cream (£10). It’s just rich enough for the sensitive area, but is also packed with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and minimise dark circles.

Try a moisturiser with vitamin E

Team an eye cream with a reliable moisturiser, such as Sukin Signature Facial Moisturiser (£7.95). It contains vitamin E, avocado and sesame seed oil. Both of these skinimalism staples can be used day and night.

Add extra moisture with serums and oils

A few times a week, slip a serum or facial oil on between cleansing and moisturising, treating hydration issues with a little more oomph. Try something like Studio Botanic Face Serum (£55) if you have dry or combination skin. It’ll love the hemp oil and hyaluronic acid fix.

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Facial oils for sensitive or oily skin

More of a sensitive or oily skin owner? Opt for Green People Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil (£28) as the Atlantic seaweed and oat kernel extracts tag team to soothe redness and regulate sebum production.

Both these add-ons, when used over moisturiser, can add instant dewiness in the place of make-up, too. Multitasking skinimalism at its best.

Lock in moisture with a hydrating face mask

And finally, boost the moisture element with a weekly mask. We love Beauty Pie Japanfusion Bio-Ceramide Deep Moisture Mask (£10.48 for members), which can be used for a 10-min rinse-off job or sleep-in option, making it the ultimate slow beauty step.


Enhance your steady, slow skinimalism hardwork by topping up with a layer of protection. Keeping your complexion safe from UVA and UVB rays every day – even the cold, cloudy ones – is the most important step of all.

High factor SPF

Medik8 Advanced Day Total Protect SPF30 (£55) feels like a lightweight moisturiser, but provides a lot of protection, not just against the rays, but against infrared and blue light while acting as a shield against pollution. There’s an extra dose of hyaluronic acid, too.

SPF with coverage

By taking this skinimalism step, the chances of needing make-up, specifically a heavy base, are minimised. But if you want a little something to feel less naked and look super fresh, finish with a light swipe of Max Factor Miracle Touch Second Skin SPF20 (£12.99). It protects as well as perfects.

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