We can all be guilty of over indulging when the summer and warm weather (finally) arrives, so it’s best to prepare before rushing out to enjoy those precious rays. In recent years more and more of us are discovering and enjoying the health benefits of choosing organic foods to put into our bodies. So why not continue those good health organic choices when choosing skin and sun care products, ideal for all the family during summer.

Why choose organic SPF?

One of the biggest skin issues we can face when enjoying the sun is sunburn. Choosing an organic and natural SPF will ensure normal to delicate and sensitive skins are protected without being exposed to any chemical nasties that some sun care products can be packed with. The ORGANii Sun range is an idea choice for all the family, with SPFs ranging from 15 for sun worshippers to 50 ensuring your children’s delicate skin are well protected too. Certified Organic by ICEA, the range is packed with skin nourishing ingredients including Karanja oil (also known as Pongamia Glbra) is derived from the seed of the Millettia Pinnata tree which contain two unique molecules, pongamol and karajin, both of which are used as natural and effective UVA and UVB absorbers and SPF boosters.

Avoiding chemicals and opting for natural and organic is not only beneficial for you and your loved ones, but you are also protecting the environment too. The ORGANii sun ranges is coral reef friendly, meaning while you have a splash at the beach, you’re not polluting the sea with any harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, which some scientists say contribute to coral bleaching.

And finally, finishing your day of fun in the sun with a nourishing and soothing after sun cream helps to repair your skin by cooling it down and locking in lost moisture. Cooling stressed skin with ingredients like aloe vera will ensure you and your skin are ready for another day enjoying the sun – while it lasts!