It’s so important to be looking after your mental health at the moment. While you’re stuck at home, why not try out one of these FREE online wellbeing sessions…

1) Nicky Clinch – Weekly sessions and videos on meditation, healing and transformation

Nicky Clinch is a Maturation Coach & Facilitator, plus Macrobiotic Counsellor.

Every Sunday night at 8pm (UK), Nicky will be leading and facilitating EVOLVE & HEAL, a free Online Coaching & Meditation Circle via Zoom.

The sessions will help to guide you through what is rising for you so you can dissolve it, evolve & heal. Nicky will also take specific questions sent to her 24hrs before & address them live in the circle.

The sessions will be completed with a healing group meditation to raise the frequency & vibration together.

Head to and join the mailing list to be sent the Zoom link every week. Also find links on her stories via Facebook or Instagram.

Nicky also offers a wide variety of paid meditation courses and retreats which you can explore here. On her youtube channel, Nicky also posts a variety of free wellbeing and meditation videos, including ‘Soul Surgery’, which is a dedicated space for you to realign, reclaim and reconnect back to your most authentic self. New videos are published on her channel every Sunday at 8am.

2) BeSophro Free Guided Sophrology Wellness Sessions

Dominique Antiglio from BeSophro has launched a new series of free guided Sophrology (a form of dynamic meditation) sessions on Instagram Live. The free sessions are designed to help bring a bit of calm to a very chaotic time for anyone who needs it.

Each session has a dedicated theme ranging from managing mental wellbeing, alleviating stress and anxiety, boosting productivity, to improving sleep and more.

Sessions will stream on Instagram Live @BeSophroLondon and are completely free of charge. Sessions last just over 30 minutes.

The Schedule

  • 14 April, 8PM – Calm and Productive
  • 16 April, 8.15PM – From Fear to Clear
  • 19 April, 8PM – The Power of Intention
  • 21 April, 8PM – Instant Calm
  • 23 April, 8.15PM – Positivity in Chaos
  • 26 April, 8PM – Embrace The Future
  • 28 April, 8PM – Grounding Here and Now
  • 30 April, 8.15PM – From Solitude to Gratitude

3) Breathwork, Beats and High Vibes Sessions

Founder of Breathpod Stuart Sandeman is holding free 90-minute breathwork sessions every Wednesday at 7pm (UK). The sessions are designed to align your energy points from root to crown, boosting both your physical and mental health. Stuart’s workshops fuse breath science, neuroscience and psychology. They will help you harness the power of breath for better health and wellbeing.

Please register via ZOOM here (Stuart also hosts IG Lives on Friday and Sunday evenings – check his Instagram @breathpod for timings).

4) Activating the Power of Collective Conciousness: Healing Meditation Session 

Caroline Britton (Emotional & Intuitive Life Coach, Teacher & Healer) and Harriete Hale (High Priestess of Light & Consciousness Coach) are holding a free 45 Minute Healing Meditation session to raise the energetic frequency of yourself & the planet. During this meditation Caroline and Harriete are going to show you how to come away from the fear-based energy and move back to love and show how to send ripples of love and healing through the planet and consciousness.

The session has already taken place: the video can be watched here. 

Join the mailing list at to be notified of upcoming events and online sessions.