By Top Santé editor Katy Sunnassee. Video production by Amoveo

I recently attended a talk about vitamin C in London, hosted by Altrient, during which Dr Thomas E. Levy spoke at length about coronaviruses and how we needn’t panic, as there are natural cures available, including vitamin C.

Note: this video was shot before the Shanghai Government began using high-dose vitamin C on anyone diagnosed with coronavirus, which only goes to back up Dr Levy’s information.

He also talks about nebulising with a very dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide solution as doing so kills off viruses that may be in your throat. Please note, you must only use 3% hydrogen peroxide as anything stronger would burn you. Please listen to his advice in full. 

Below you can watch Dr Levy’s full hour-long talk, The Truth About Vitamin C, during which he addresses not only coronavirus / Covid-19 but other health topics and how vitamin C can help those too.