Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling for the first time, or you’re a cyclist who has been out of the saddle for a while, ebikes can provide a simple, green, no fuss method of getting from A to B.

What exactly is an ebike?

An ebike is a bicycle assisted by a small, quiet, electric motor
providing power to help push you along. You still have to pedal, but an ebike has electronic sensors that pick up when you are riding, then signal the motor to provide you with additional assistance.

Wisper electric bikes bring the joy back to cycling

Wisper ebikes have been enjoyed in the UK since 2005, we are often told that our service and support is the best in the industry. We make two model ranges: the Wisper SE and the Wisper Torque. Both benefit from strong, lightweight frames, hydraulic disc brakes for safe and solid stopping power and easy to use controls and displays. The SE model has a more basic motor system, the Torque model provides the quietest and smoothest ride possible with masses of hill climbing power.

Wisper ebikes are powered by a battery neatly stowed in a specially developed rack, just above the rear whel – this shortens the wheel base, resulting in a safer, more nimbleride, and raises the battery away from road spray. Our batteries are available in three capacities: standard, long range, and mega range.

At Wisper, we strongly believe that ebikes should be supplied and maintained by a local professional ebike dealer. Our expert Wisper retailers are available all over the UK, they will offer you the opportunity to test ride your chosen Wisper and are able to give advice regarding the best bike to suit your needs.
Ebikes, like any motor vehicle, need regular servicing. The best people to look after your Wisper ebike are those who supplied it to you. They are qualified to service and maintain your Wisper bike, ensuring you a perfect riding experience and maintaining the value of your investment. Find the location of all of Wisper’s dealers.

How many miles will an ebike take you?

  • Standard
    25 to 50 miles
  • Long range
    35 to 70 miles
  • Mega range
    45 to 90 miles

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