Calling all hikers – we’ve tested the new Osprey Tempest 20 rucksack, which is made especially for women. Here’s what we thought…

I’d never tried a rucksack designed specifically for women before, and honestly I wasn’t certain how much difference it would make. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the Osprey Tempest 20, which was easily the comfiest bag I’ve used. The weight felt evenly spread and the wide, padded straps didn’t dig into my shoulders or put strain on my neck.

I took it on a weekend trip to Germany, and on a snowy weekend gave its waterproofing a real test – happily everything inside remained bone dry even when I personally was drenched! You can fit a surprising amount in the bag too, and I appreciated its many pockets, which made it easy to find everything I required.

It’s possibly not big enough for a long trip, but for hand luggage on a flight, or a day of hiking, this is a smart, comfortable choice.

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