If you haven’t been on a bike since you cycled to school, or your sit-up-and-beg is gathering cobwebs in your shed, there are lots of reasons to give cycling another whirl. Take our fun quiz and discover the best bike to buy.

Cycling motivation

Besides saving money and protecting the environment, there are some incredible health benefits of cycling. For one thing, going for a regular spin essentially makes your body younger – both improving your muscle mass and giving you the immune system of a youngster. That’s without mentioning the fact that cyclists live 15 per cent longer, sleep better, think more clearly and cut their cancer risk in half.
We’ve gathered together expert advice on how to find the right bike, tweak your posture to avoid injury and even a beginner cycling training plan to get ready to cycle 50km before the end of the summer. So get ready to pedal your way to a younger, healthier body!