Yoga, Pilates, HIIT… running, walking, weights… With so many kinds of workout, which should you choose? Find the one that suits your goals and temperament with our revealing quiz!

You know the rules – ‘At least 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week’ and ‘strength training on two days’…but if you’re short of time and lacking in enthusiasm, how will you ever fit a regular exercise programme into your life? Take our quiz to discover your workout personality.

Choose ONE answer for each question:

Think back to team games at school. Were you most likely to be:

A Team captain?

B Keeping a low profile at the back of the pitch?

C Daydreaming about being elsewhere?

D Quick to pass the ball?

E A stickler for the rules?

F Mortified that you were the last to be picked for the team?

At work, you’re happiest when you are:

A Getting your voice heard.

B Working alone.

C Being creative, or using your brain.

D Nurturing a newbie.

E Ticking tasks off your to-do list.

F Receiving a positive appraisal.

With your family, you are:

A Buoyed by having everyone around you.

B Looking forward to a bit of time alone.

C Dreaming up fun things for you all to do together.

D The one everyone turns to with their problems.

E Making sure everything runs to schedule.

F Wanting your own way.

Eating out with friends, are you:

A The life and soul of the party?

B Happier one to one?

C Most comfortable talking about serious topics?

D Hoping everyone else is enjoying themselves?

E Impatient if the service is slow?

F Anxious about how you come across?

Looking at your diary, is it:

A Packed with meetings and social engagements?

B Beautifully empty – just how you like it?

C Full of doodles?

D Mainly a reminder of other people’s birthdays?

E Neat and ordered?

F Where you dump your grievances?

On your perfect day, would you:

A Go out in a group?

B Take a long walk?

C Book a massage?

D Cook for friends?

E Set off early for a carefully planned trip?

F Spend time with someone you love and trust?

Embarking on any new project, you are:

A Raring to go.

B Quietly confident.

C Consumed with plans.

D Keeping everyone involved in the loop.

E Researching as thoroughly as possible.

F Nervous about how your new venture will go.

You’re most likely to hear yourself say:

A ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch lately…’

B ‘‘I don’t know where the time goes – there aren’t enough hours in the day.’

C Hey, I’ve got a good idea…!’

D ‘How ARE you?’

E ‘Can I just double check something…?’

F ‘I feel really hurt by…’

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