Virtual yoga sessions may well have become the norm right now, however when that live yoga session is coming directly from one of the most exclusive private islands in the world, it might just have something slightly special…

Virgin Limited Edition is launching virtual yoga live from Necker Island – a stunning private island in the iconic British Virgin Islands.

ImageNecker Island is home to Sir Richard Branson. the beautiful 74 acres of private paradise is also home to yoga teacher Katie Doo. Katie typically spends her days offering group and private lessons exclusively for the guests of Necker Island, however, Virgin Limited Edition is  sharing a series of live sessions from Katie.

Katie has more than 10 years’ experience in wellness and beauty and has spent the past year ensuring her skills, combined with the exquisite surrounds of Necker Island, enable her guests to truly switch off, relax and unwind.

Katie’s yoga sessions will bring her expertise and love for the practice to Instagram, where they are hosted. They’ll also help bring us that bit closer to the picture-perfect setting of the British Virgin Islands.

“The practice of yoga has completely transformed my life”, says Katie.  “I truly believe that great energy is contagious. Yoga enables us to magnify our feel-good vibrations. It allows us to escape to a special place, especially during a time when life is not quite normal, and exercise becomes an even more important part of our mental wellbeing.

When: Every Thursday at 17:00 BST – last one being July 9, 2020.

Where: Instagram @VirginLimitedEdition