If you like any of the following: dance, gymnastics, theatre, feats of strength, drama or pantomime, chances are you’ll love wrestling.

We know what you’re thinking, and to be honest, we were slightly sceptical about the sport too until we went along to watch WWE’s event at the O2 arena. We assumed that it would be over-the-top and mildly entertaining, but we weren’t expected to be gripped!

Part of the appeal of wrestling is the complicated ins and outs of storylines – who has a vendetta against who, who are in love, etc – although knowing these in advance is unnecessary, as it’s easy to follow the drama.

The event we watched was particularly special, as it was the first UK event featuring WWE’s new star Ronda ‘Rowdy’ Rousey. She’s known as the ‘baddest woman on the planet’ and, to be fair, we were very grateful not to be stepping into the ring with her! She faced Alexa Bliss instead, who used some underhand tactics, but was nonetheless brought to justice by the powerful muscles of Rousey. (We may have come away from the event with a ‘Rowdy’ vest top…)

Other events included a six-man tag team event, which saw all of the theatricals, leaps, threats and excitement you could want, and superstar Roman Reigns (who is, let’s be honest, rather easy on the eye) successfully defending his Universal title.

While watching it on the TV would still have been fun, there was something really charming about the live event – especially seeing lots of very excited children wearing slogan T-shirts and clutching replica plastic belts.

WWE is currently reaching a whopping 800 million homes across the world, so if you’re not already a fan, we recommend giving it a go – you might just be surprised!

  • WWE will be back in November as the Superstars travel the UK from 3 to 11 November. To find your closest show, visit www.bookingsdirect.com