3 of the best…Alcohol-free drinks for Christmas parties

Take a break from booze with these tasty festive drinks – chin chin!

Nirvana Tantra Pale Ale (£2.69)

The Nirvana Beer company is confounding perceptions of alcohol-free ales with a range of boozeless craft beers made with artisan ingredients. This refreshing English pale ale is made with lightly-roasted barley, giving a caramel malt body balanced with a crisp hop bitterness.

Shloer Pink Bubbly (£3.49)

Bubbles are an essential at every Christmas event, and Shloer’s full-bodied bubbly, even has a cork to pop! This pink sparkling grape juice drink is free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives, and is perfect as a refreshing alternative to wine.

Soda Folk Grape Soda (£2.49)

Served in elegant glass bottles, this grape soda is naturally low in sugar and calories. The prosecco-inspired drink is made with Italian chardonnay grapes, pear and elderflower, and has the sweet and subtle flavours of a good sparkling wine with nothing artificial added.