Astrid Longhurst, life & body confidence expert, coach and authorToday (January 18) may be Blue Monday – but it isn’t all doom and gloom! Stay positive and feel your best with these top tips and mantras from life & body confidence expert, Astrid Longhurst…

January, psychologically, is the time of year that we associate with new beginnings – a fresh start, a new you! However, for many people across the northern hemisphere, January is a month that brings feelings of exhaustion, fatigue and feeling low in mind, body and spirit.

This year, more than any other year, many people will be finding it challenging to rise
to the joy and hope that the promise of a New Year brings. With the current situation
of the Coronavirus and the cold dark days, it is easy to understand why many people
will be feeling at an all-time low. And then, of course, there is Blue Monday, which falls
on the third week in January and has been given the unhelpful title as being the most
depressing day of the year!

blue mondayChange your mindset

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that “Blue Monday” is any more
depressing than any other day. It all depends on your state of mind! Resolve that no matter what the weather may be or how low other people are feeling around you, that you will choose to make your wellbeing and zest for life the priority. One way to do this is to use daily positive affirmations or mantras.

Mantras are a wonderful way to help you change your state of being, however, to
make them really effective you need to add inspired action! This means that not only
do you SAY something positive, but you also DO something to help embody what you
are saying. It’s all about creating a positive FEELING in your body.

change your mindset positive affirmations5 life & body mantras to turn Blue Monday into beautiful Monday!

1. Repeat daily, “I am fabulous!” Every morning before you get out of bed,
throw your arms up in the air and say, “I am fabulous!” It doesn’t matter if you
believe it or not – the key is to simply say it with as much enthusiasm as you
can muster. Every time you say it, you are teaching the brain to adopt this
thought as the first one you think in the morning!

2. Be a rebel and fall in love with January! Practice talking only in the most
positive, exciting ways about January. When anyone says that it’s miserable
outside, reply with a bright smile, “Maybe, but it’s summer in my heart!” Then
watch with amusement their reactions! You may lift their spirits too.

3. “Everything comes to me with ease and joy.” This is a lovely mantra to say
when you are feeling a bit low or tense. Place your hand over your heart, close
your eyes and whisper this mantra softly to yourself as if you were soothing a
small child.

4. “What is the kindest thing I can do for me today?” This is more of a question
than a mantra, however, it helps you to connect with your inner wisdom in a
loving way. Give yourself space to get in touch with what you need, then go
and do it!

5. “I love myself; I love my life.” Place your right hand on your left shoulder and
your left hand on your right shoulder. Squeeze gently and give yourself a huge
hug while repeating this calming and healing body mantra.

Astrid Longhurst, life & body confidence expert blue monday tips

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