If you’ve ever wondered where the tradition of astrology stems from, or what your star sign really means, read on to discover more!

By Katherine Watt 

My Path Astrology

Rebecca Gordon is a professional astrologer, presenter and founder of the My Path Astrology School. She hosts workshops, retreats and presentations around the world, teaching others how to translate cosmic signs into practical, 
everyday actions. Discover more about the My Path Astrology School, at mypathastrology.com, and follow Rebecca at @mypathastrology on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

What is astrology?

For many of us, experiences with astrology stop with knowing our star sign, but its roots are much, much deeper. ‘Most medical graduates swear the Hippocratic oath,’ says Rebecca, referring to the ancient Greek, who famously said that a physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician. ‘The two professions were inseparable for a very long time. Throughout the ancient world and up to the Renaissance, the science advanced so much that medical diagnoses were done via birth charts, and procedures were scheduled for days that were considered to be better in line with 
the planets.’

However, gradually, astrology’s connection to health was lost until it re-emerged in 
the 1960s, but was then seen in a more pop-culture ‘what’s my horoscope?’ way, rather than something intrinsically linked to the earth and the wisdom of the body.

How does astrology work?

‘At the moment you’re born, there’s a specific season and quality of light, as well as a certain alignment of planets,’ says Rebecca. This gives you the star sign that you no doubt know, which carries certain physical, emotional and behavioural tendencies. But according to medical astrology, the position of the planets at your birth can also indicate areas of the body where you might experience difficulty as well as gifts. For example, being a water sign, I learned that all things fluid-based in my body have a tendency to get unbalanced, especially if I’m under stress, which can affect immunity.

How can I use astrology to help me?

As well as individual wellbeing, planet positions affect all of us more generally. Summer, for example, begins with the sign of Cancer, which is a feminine sign, meaning we’re under that sign’s influence of more feminine / yin forces, so we might be feeling more sensitive and emotional at the moment.

And this year, Saturn – the planet that rules over skin, hair, teeth and bones – is in Capricorn (the skeleton). ‘So pay more attention to these areas,’ says Rebecca. ‘Vitamin D, omegas, calcium and magnesium are vital.’

If you tend to get trouble with your knees, this is the time to pay them extra attention as they’re also ruled by Saturn and it’s a good idea to check it to see if we are carrying too much of a ‘heavy load’ in life, for example working a stressful job and not getting enough sleep. ‘There are a lot of basic things that make a big difference, such as strengthening the muscles around the knees and fortifying the body through nutrition.’

When it comes to this summer, Rebecca explains that things are looking fairly balanced between fire, earth, air and water. ‘Thankfully this generally means good health for all the signs, and whatever sign you’re born with, there are foods, practices, and lifestyle tweaks that can balance you back out,’ says Rebecca.

What’s in store for your star sign?

Here’s how to optimise your sign for a healthy summer…


You have a tendency to overheat in summer, so hydrate with plenty of water and foods such as watermelon and cucumber.


You can get stuck in a routine, so find cardio you really enjoy to keep your energy up.


With Mars also in an air sign this summer, spend time in nature to help big ideas take form.


Being born in summer, you naturally glow during this season, although health-wise, you have a tendency to retain water. Green tea will help with this.


Serious Saturn sits in your health sector all summer, so try meditation to cool off and create healthy habits you’d like to keep.


You have an industrious attitude, so immerse yourself in a class or retreat as you’re ruled by the communicative planet Mercury.


From August 7-September 9, Venus is in Libra, which rules the lower back, so make sure your core stays strong through summer.


Lucky Jupiter is in your sign all summer, so you’ll have fun – but avoid over-indulgence!


This sign rules your hips, so regularly stretch and strengthen them for this more physically active season.


Your knees can get tweaky, so harness natural vitamin D from the sun and omegas to keep them strong and supple.


This sign rules the ankles, so keep them strong with regular balancing yoga poses.


The best medicine for you this summer is to walk barefoot outside, as Pisces rules the feet. This kind of meditative ‘earthing’ will keep you centered.