Discover how CBD oil could help to balance your hormones and relieve symptoms of menopause, endometriosis, and PMS, with this expert advice from Ruby Deevoy…

Like just about every aspect of women’s health, the menopause and other intrinsically female hormone conditions, are wildly understudied and underfunded for research. Unfortunately, the same goes for cannabis research.

However, there are many discoveries about the mechanisms and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, which we know to be linked to healthy hormonal function. Not to mention particular conditions, such as menopause, endometriosis and PMS.

Does CBD help with hormonal health?

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Understanding the endocannabinoid system

The first thing to understand about cannabis is that it interacts with something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a complex network of receptors in the body that acts as your homeostatic regulator.

This can be found absolutely everywhere, from every skin cell, in your bones, muscles, organs and throughout all other major physiological systems – like the endocrine system. In short, its job is to relay what’s going on outside cells, into cells. This is so that the appropriate response can be triggered (or not) to achieve balance in the body. This is essential for overall health and well-being.

What causes endocannabinoid deficiency?

Many people are likely to have what is known as an ‘endocannabinoid deficiency’ or even ‘endocannabinoid dysfunction’. World-renowned cannabis experts believe these issues can be a result of a wide variety of lifestyle factors. This includes chronic stress, poor diet, lack of sleep. But what happens when this occurs? In a word, disease.

Ensuring you have a fully functioning endocannabinoid system contributes to good health (perhaps more than anything else!). And this, of course, includes hormonal health.

Using CBD for hormonal health

Other than correcting lifestyle factors that might be causing problems, and doing things to support the natural release of your internally produced endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG, which activate the ECS, you can also support its function with cannabis products, such as CBD oil.

Taking a daily dose of a CBD supplement can assist your body in the synthesis and release of endocannabinoids. Some cannabinoids found in full or broad-spectrum products, such as CBG and low levels of THC, can even stand in for a lack of endocannabinoids by directly activating the ECS receptors.

As a result, the ECS will be able to start working properly again, overseeing all bodily functions and helping everything – hormones included – return to and maintain a state of equilibrium