Alison Drake helps people transform negative food and lifestyle choices into positive ones, thanks to the Holistic Health Coaching course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

It’s second time lucky for me at CNM because, 15 years ago, I was halfway through a part-time Nutritional Therapy course when I fell pregnant with twins! I believe what I learned on the course about nutritional support before conceiving was a contributing factor to my healthy pregnancy. But I had to defer the course for a few years because life suddenly got in the way.

Dealing with stress

The next few years rolled on. I went back to my busy marketing job and put on hold the idea of pursuing my studies any further. But years of chronic stress and anxiety took their toll on my health, especially my digestive system, and so, in 2020, I resigned from my post.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the CNM course and committed to completing what I had started. I thoroughly enjoyed studying nutrition, then looked into other courses that would complement it.

The CNM Holistic Health Coaching course

The Health Coaching course stood out for me with its holistic approach. I came to realise through conversations with family and friends, that it’s much more difficult for some people to make changes to their lifestyle than it is for others.

I completed the CNM Health Coach course online, at my own pace, and got to grips with learning how to help people make positive behavioural changes. The coaching module was empowering because we had to complete case studies that involved working with people who needed help. This gave me the confidence to translate that experience into the real world.

Helping others

I now have a career I am proud of, helping individuals change their lives for the better! My specialism will be around gut health and digestive disorders, because this is where I have suffered the most myself. I know I can now support others who have symptoms of poor digestion or suffer discomfort.

It’s exciting to see the impact I’ve had already, especially when friends and family send me photos of their healthy shopping baskets or recipes they’ve tried. Even my twins are aware of the importance of good gut health, and can explain what a healthy microbiome is. Already, I feel I have come a long way since completing the course at CNM, and will put my new skills into practice going forward.

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