Looking to up your zero-waste game? Make your home sparkle and shine, without the need for harsh chemicals, with these new eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products…

Eco-friendly All Purpose Sanitiser from Bio-D

Arm yourself this cold and flu season with the All Purpose Sanitiser from Bio-D (£2.90). This eco-friendly, anti-bacterial cleaning product is made from naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, which are packaged in a bottle made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

It also features orange oil, which is great for tackling those greasy kitchen jobs! Plus, you can buy large refill bottles to cut down on waste.

nookary All-Purpose Probiotic Refill Cleaner

nookary All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner (from £9.50) is eco-friendly, non-toxic, gorgeously scented and comes in a refillable glass bottle.

As a probiotic cleaner, it harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria to fight harmful bacteria, just like our bodies do. Plus, the probiotics carry on working for days to keep surfaces clean and safe.

Delphis Eco’s non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products

With cold and flu season upon us, it’s time to arm yourself with antibacterial cleaning products. Delphis Eco’s cleaning range (from £3) is tough on germs and made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based ingredients, which are 100 per cent toxin-free.

Plus, the packaging is made from recycled plastic milk bottles!

Cleaning Kit

ekologik Cleaning Kits and Refill Pods

ekologik Cleaning Kits and Refill Pods (from £1.70) will keep your home spotless, without compromising on sustainability.

Simply add a waterless refill pod to your reusable ekologik bottle, shake it up with warm water, and get spraying! The range includes multi-purpose cleaners for every room in the house, along with a Virucidial Defense Kit which will keep germs at bay.

The Seep Company Cellulose Sponges & Loofah Scourer - 4 Pack - My Green Pod | Sustainable Products & News

Seep Plastic-free Sponges and Scourers

Seep Sponges (from £6.50) are made from plastic-free renewable materials and require less soap and water than traditional cleaning tools. These durable products will help you save water and cut down on plastic waste. Plus, they are 100 per cent compostable!

For extra tough dishes, try the Seep Copper Scourers (£6.50). These are made with anti-microbial and non-rusting copper, which is the only metal that can be infinitely recycled without losing its quality.

KINN Eco cleaning and laundry product bundle

KINN Living Eco-friendly Refillable Cleaning Products

Planning a spring clean? Try the KINN Living range of eco-friendly, biodegradable plant-based cleaning products (from £3.50). With refillable bottles and concentrated refills, these are a great swap for a greener home.

The collection features everything you need to spruce up your home, including floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and washing up liquid. Unlike conventional brands, these cleaning products are made using natural ingredients and are scented with essential oils.

Ethique’s Eco-friendly Solid Laundry Bar

Ethique’s Flash! Laundry Bar (£5) is Ethique’s first bar for the home, following the success of its hair, beauty and skincare bars.

Ethique creates each bar using 100 per cent biodegradable ingredients, including pure essential oils, and white Kaolin clay to remove oils and dirt. It’s perfect for handwashing delicate clothes and removing stains!

eco friendly cleaning products

Eliminate germs with VIRUSEND

Inventor Michael Pritchard MBE and The British Army have teamed up to co-create the world’s most effective ‘military grade’ disinfectant spray, VIRUSEND (£7.99).

The spray kills all viruses and bacteria (including coronavirus) with 99.99% efficacy – all in just one minute!

Tincture All Purpose Refillable Cleaning Products

Tincture All Purpose Cleaner (£4.99) will clean and refresh your home. The biodegradable and chemical-free formula is safe on all surfaces and gentle on skin.

Tincture also offers refill bottles (£3.99), helping you to cut down on waste.

eco friendly cleaning products

BE:FRESH Prebiotic Pet Spray

BE:FRESH Prebiotic Pet Spray (£12) eliminates odours and kills germs around the house. It contains active ingredients including microorganisms and cultures that decompose fat and cellulose. Perfect for those with pets!

Toucan Eco Bolivia S.R.L. – Salud Pública. Protección profiláctica certificada.

Toucan ECO III: eco-cleaning at the touch of a button

Toucan ECO III (£199) is an eco-sustainable daily cleaner. This one system provides a solution to clean and disinfect your whole house with a virus/bacterial efficacy of up to 99.999%.

Simply add 2g of salt, 1 litre of water, and Toucan™ does the rest through the power of electrochemical activation.

eco friendly cleaning products

Bower Collective: Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Bower Collective is on a mission to reduce plastic waste. Rather than selling bathroom and kitchen products in single use bottles, you can buy stylish reusable dispenser bottles (from £2.99) along with 500ml Refill Pouches (£20).

Once you are finished with the Refill Pouch, simply send it back so Bower can sterilise and reuse the packaging! They offer a wide range of products from all purpose cleaners, to Shampoo and Conditioner, to laundry detergent. Plus, each product is made using 100 per cent natural ingredients!

Eco friendly cleaning products UK | Colt & Willow – Colt and Willow Ltd.

Colt & Willow Natural Cleaning Products

Colt & Willow Natural Cleaning Products (from £8.50) are packaged in glass bottles, which can be refilled via the subscription service. The products are all sustainable, plant-based and also free from harsh chemicals.

Spruce provides aluminium refillable bottle system for cleaning products

SPRUCE Sustainable Cleaning Products

SPRUCE’s new range of sustainable cleaning products (Starter Kit £10) is non-toxic and free from SLS, parabens, triclosan, phosphates, pesticides, artificial colourants and fragrances. In fact, most of the ingredients are food or cosmetic-grade!

SPRUCE also has an incredibly low carbon footprint, due to its waterless refill packs, which remove the need to ship unnecessary water content. Simply dilute these with tap water at home, and get cleaning!

Greener Cleaner Recycled Plastic Cleaning Tools

Greener Cleaner’s range of Eco-Flek cleaning utensils (from £2.49) are made from 100% recycled plastic. The tough and durable bristles are ideal for removing tough dirt and grime.

Plus, Greener Cleaner will also donate 1% of every £1 to tackle plastic pollution and protecting the UK coastline.

eco friendly cleaning products

DIY cleaning products with Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap

Fed up with harsh cleaning products filled with unnecessary chemicals? Why not make your own products instead! Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (from £8.49) is perfect for multiuse cleaning in the home.

Simply combine it with other natural cleaning agents to create your own line of cleaning products! Why not buy the 3.8 litre refill bottle and decant it into your own reusable bottles (£67.49) to also cut down on waste.

Check out these great recipes which incorporate Dr Bronner’s Castille Soap:

Green Oven Cleaner (via @emmareedwrites)

  • Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap 80ml
  • Bicarbonate soda 60g
  • Rock Salt 1 tbsp (add more for stubborn grime)

Green Kitchen Top Cleaner (via @my_plastic_free_home)

  • Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap 3 tsp
  • Rubbing alcohol 120ml
  • Water 450ml

Green Cream Cleaner (via @Thegreenerguru)

  • Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap 3 tbsp
  • Baking Soda 60g
eco friendly cleaning products

Or make your own eco-friendly cleaning products from scratch!

Fruit and veg delivery service, ODDBOX, suggests making your own cleaning products using everyday household ingredients…

Simply fill a large jar with your rinds, pour in white vinegar to cover, secure with a lid and leave in a dark place for at least a fortnight – the longer you leave it, the more time it will have to infuse. Strain out your peelings with a fine-mesh sieve, then decant your newly scented cleaner into a spray bottle.