A healthy tummy can help you enjoy a happy body and mind – now the Top Santé team and readers are trying Symprove to give their good bacteria a boost.

Gut health is a hot topic right now, thanks to the way it links to other aspects of health, from immunity and skin to obesity and the brain.

It’s also a major focus because  as much as 20 per cent of the population suffers from symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain and diarrhoea or constipation. This might be caused by illness or stress, sensitivity to certain foods or it could be down to a change in the trillions of bacteria that live in your gut (your microbiome). If they become unbalanced your system no longer functions as well as it could, and you may start to suffer troubling symptoms.


Make the change

Last month we launched our Symprove campaign, in which a group of our editorial team and readers are taking part in Symprove’s 12-week programme to rebalance their gut bacteria. Last issue we introduced our testers and shared a little about our health. Now discover how we got on…

Tina Lange

I had a lot of stomach gurgles for the first few hours after drinking Symprove for the first couple of days, which I quite enjoyed after watching the video on Symprove’s website – I could actually envisage the magic potion filling every part of my bowel and lovingly coating it! I had a dodgy tummy for the first two days, but it soon settled down. Two weeks in and I can safely say there is a dramatic improvement!

I’m a keen runner and I’ve had to accept that running often leads to accidents for me, which can be quite upsetting. But I went for a 4k run three nights ago and felt absolutely nothing, not even a bowel spasm or twinge of ’need to go’ at all, so that was great. I have also noticed that my stomach is not bloated like it used to be especially first thing in the morning, this was also noticed by my other half, and the waistband on my jeans!

Sally Argyle

I have been using Symprove for a week and I can’t actually believe the difference already. After the second day I noticed that I wasn’t as bloated and my tummy didn’t feel as irritable. I was a bit sceptical about it, but it is definitely working. My pains have significantly reduced and my bowels are more regular. I am looking forward to seeing further improvements over the next few weeks.

Clare Shanley

I must admit, the smell wasn’t very appealing but I’ve got used to the taste now! I feel absolutely great and I know the Symprove is having some positive effects. I’m having much less bloating and my stomach is looking flatter, my overall digestion seems to have improved as I’m not getting as constipated! I also feel I’ve got a bit more energy. I’m feeling really keen to continue and see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Tarja Burtsal

I still suffer from constipation and bad wind but I think things are improving slowly. I had some bad stomach pains for the first few days but that has now calmed down. I think the liquid tastes nice, which is a surprise as some of the other probiotics are horrible!

Hannah Marchant

I’ve been keeping a symptom diary, including tracking my happiness level, as I know my mood is linked to gut health in many ways. During the first week my IBS symptoms have been worse – frequent stomach aches, loose stools and unpleasant excess wind. However, I expected that this would be the case, and anticipated that a truly effective probiotic would cause a certain amount of upheaval before things got better.

Over the course of last week I’ve been feeling more positive and cheerful every day, and I’m not put off at all by the tummy aches and upset stomach, as I’m sure it’s a sign that the Symprove is sorting things out in there. If I hadn’t experienced any die-off symptoms I would have felt less sure that Symprove was doing its job!

Sharon Trigg

I find Symprove easy to take first thing in the morning. I feel less bloated, which is a great benefit, and I’m hoping to see even more improvements this week!

Jennifer Gaskell

I feel less bloated, even after big holiday meals. I’m not the biggest fan of the taste, but I find after taking it in the morning, I’m then inspired to continue making healthier choices all day! My skin is looking clearer than usual too, so it’s definitely making
a positive difference. I do get abdominal pain in the morning, but overall, I think it has reduced.

Sally Saunders

My first day on Symprove did not go well – constant gurglings, a bit of cramp and a rather upset tummy was not what I’d been hoping for! Fortunately, after the first couple of days, things started to settle down. It made me realise how important it is to stick with these things. I kept going, and soon got over the adverse effects. That was two weeks ago and I’m continuing to feel better each day. I’ve already started recommending it to people!

Yvonne Martin

I’ve been taking Symprove for a couple of weeks and it may have slightly upset my system. However, I’m looking forward to seeing if improvements come in the weeks ahead.

Larissa Chapman

Since starting my journey three weeks ago I definitely feel in a better rhythm. My gut feels as though it can handle things better and cope well when thrown off course. It also gives me a boost of a morning, and I don’t know if this is related, but I’m craving less sugary food – it’s like it’s given me a little reset.