Love a tipple? There’s no need to feel guilty as a (moderate) dose of gin could be just what the doctor ordered! Here’s a round up of the humble juniper-based drink’s health benefits.

  1. Gin is made from juniper berries, which are actually little purple superfoods that can improve blood circulation.
  2. It’s one of the most natural spirits as its ingredients are botanical, and is less likely to cause hangovers than other drinks as it doesn’t contain bi-products like methanol, which later turns to formaldehyde in your system.
  3. Juniper berries are also known to lower your risk of heart disease thanks to their infection-fighting flavonoids.
  4. They are also full of Vitamin C.
  5. If that wasn’t enough, juniper berries can also help to fight kidney and liver disease as they stop your body retaining water, helping more toxins to pass through (although we probably wouldn’t recommend gin for helping a weak liver!)
  6. Juniper berries are full of antioxidants which should – again, in moderation – mean that gin helps to regenerate your cells, for smoother skin. There’s even a special variety of collagen-enhanced gin, called Collagin, which we can confirm is super tasty.
  7. In the Middle Ages, gin was actually used for medicinal purposes…although we suspect that in the pre-painkiller era it might have just taken the edge off!
  8. As booze goes, gin is relatively low in calories, with around 97 calories per serving.
  9. Juniper berries also help aid digestion, by increasing the digestive enzymes in your gut, increasing stomach acid and reducing bloating.
  10. Gin is a natural remedy for colds, as the oils in juniper berries help alleviate coughs and lung congestion. Try a flavoured gin with herbs or ginger for added throat-soothing benefits.
  11. Gin boasts anti-inflammatory benefits that can help reduce pain in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
  12. For the same reasons, it can help relieve joint pain caused by general wear and tear, and also for people with gout.
  13. Some women also swear by it as a remedy for period pain. Monthly gin cocktail? Yes please!
  14. Looking for extra benefits? Add your own fruit, or even a slice of cucumber to your tipple for a vitamin boost. Cucumber is great for giving skin a boost, while lemon is packed with Vitamin C.
  15. Gin has often had a bad rep for making people emotional, but actually a study found it doesn’t make people more angry or sad than other spirits.
  16. Gin is known for improving digestion, as the bitter herbs that go into it can increase your digestive ensiles and stomach acid, helping your gut to break food down more easily. Struggling with bloating or IBS? Try these yoga moves to improve digestion.

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