Lauren Windas, naturopathic nutrition graduate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine talks about how CNM changed her life.

What I especially loved about CNM’s course was that it really helped me understand just how important diet and lifestyle are to maintaining health and wellbeing.

The course gave me the tools I needed to make decisions for my own health. It also gave me plenty of training experience working with clients in a clinic setting.

They said I was incurable

During my second year at university I became very unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I saw a variety of GPs and specialists, who all told me that my case was incurable.

Later though, I discovered that changes to diet and lifestyle could help relieve my symptoms and improve my wellbeing.

It made me really interested in discovering more about nutrition and how the human body works.

A new path

So I left university with a new career in mind, and enrolled at CNM where I could study naturopathy, as well as nutrition.

What attracted me to CNM was their combination of academic learning and clinical training, as well as the flexibility to work alongside and study part-time. CNM changed my life because it gave me the ability to have the lifestyle I always desired.

My dream business

I launched my dream business in something I am truly passionate about; nutrition and coaching people to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

I have co-founded my own wellness brand, ARDERE, with my sister Nicole.

We provide expert nutritional advice, offer healthy recipes and sell 100 per cent organic natural wax aromatherapy candles. I particularly want to help people who have a poor relationship with food or weight issues.

Getting healthy the natural way

If you want to learn more about functional medicine and how health and wellbeing can be achieved naturally, CNM provides great resources and develops your skills to become a confident practitioner.

The College of Naturopathic Medicine has a 22-year track record of training successful practitioners in natural therapies, in class and online. Call 01342 410 505 or visit for more information or click here.

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