Lockdown was tough on us all for a variety of reasons but for these resilient women it was the catalyst to springboard themselves into a whole new career!

Tarjinder created a skincare line in lockdown

Tarjinder set up a blog about skincare and is now launching a product range.

Tarjinder Ruthu set up @care_soaked_skin during lockdown

Lockdown was a major shock. But then 2020 was a huge year for me in many other ways too. Aside from the pandemic, I got married, turned 40 and I also received a promotion at my corporate job. Life-changing events that pushed me in different directions.
I have always been passionate about skincare, ever since I was a teenager. I always dreamt of formulating my own range one day but with long hours at work, I never had the time.
During lockdown that all changed. My pace of life completely slowed. I went from a long daily commute into London, to having more time during the day to slow down mentally and physically.

I began posting on Instagram sharing honest product reviews and recommendations. I also talked about how having a simple skincare routine became my version of self-care. The support I received gave me the encouragement to invest in myself, so I started an online course, Instagram Secrets to Success, that I had signed up for previously but didn’t have time to complete. It really helped me accelerate engagement and growth at a rate I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. 
More importantly, it reignited my confidence and helped me take a leap of faith and follow up on my passion. My kitchen became a part-time lab and before I knew it, my own skincare brand Rise was born.
My first product is a face oil made from 100 per cent natural oils renowned for their benefits to skin, including rosehip, jojoba and evening primrose. I can’t wait to see how it is received and how it develops from here. 
Jillian Glenn of Peanut Butter and Jilly Beans

Jillian Glenn wrote her first recipe book

Jillian Glenn of Peanut Butter and Jilly wrote a vegan recipe book

In August of 2019 I started my vegan and gluten free recipe blog, Peanut Butter and Jilly, so I could share my easy and delicious recipes with friends and family. Within a few months, my Instagram account had grown to nearly 10,000 followers. At the time, I never could have foreseen what unprecedented events would unfold in 2020.
The world faced a pandemic and political and civil tensions rose here in the US. I faced some personal challenges of my own as my marriage came to a devastating end. In the midst of hardship, I believe some true beauty manifested. People began to focus less on work and the hustle of the day, and more on the things that truly matter; things like quality time with family and helping others. 
During lockdown, I noticed people around me becoming more selfless than ever, and I noticed myself developing a new appreciation and outlook on life. With everyone at home, many people began to pick up hobbies such as exercise, crafts, and baking! Baking is a good stress reliever and a fun activity to do with family so I believe this helped my blog take off.
In 2020, my account reached 200,000 followers and I wrote my first book, ‘Easy Low-Cal Vegan Eats’ which will be published in July this year. It’s available to pre-order online anywhere books are sold.
While this is a true blessings, the greatest blessing of all is the ability to help spread joy and cheer through my vegan and gluten-free recipes.
Every day, I receive notes, photos, and messages from my readers sharing how my recipes have helped make a difference in their lives or the lives of people they love.
I am humbled and thankful for the lessons of 2020 and am hopeful that we all can look at the future and the people around us with a new outlook because of it.

Chi Quita Mackset out to empower women and to help them prioritise self-care.

Chi Quita Mack set up a women’s empowerment website during lockdown ca The Chi Quita Mack 

My life before the pandemic was hectic; I barely had time to breathe. Some days I would just eat in my car in between work and the kids’ practices.
I never imagined that one day I would set up my own online space, The Chi Quita Mack, for women to connect, relax, get empowered, and be reminded that they have not lost the ability to be who they once were!
Lockdown allowed me to take the mandatory pause I needed to focus on self-discovery, self-reflection and self-care. I realised I wanted to get back into modelling and to grow my Instagram account. I also wanted to help other women to take care of themselves and to believe in themselves.
I took a course in social media growth and within one year I went from 500 followers to 15.5k on my Instagram page.
I also developed a website where I feel I truly live out my passion and purpose: coaching women to rediscover themselves after motherhood by offering one-to-one coaching. 
I can now add author to my resume too to as I recently finished my first e-Workbook “The Beauty in You”! As well as opening The Chi Quita Mack Shop online.
I believe life is 10 per cent of what happens to you and 90 about how you react to it. I tell everyone to go for it – believe in yourself, invest in yourself…the sky’s the limit!
Federica opened up Klai design studios during lockdown

Federica opened up Klai design studios

Federica Frangipane opened up Klai Studio

After being made redundant during lockdown in 2020, I had the time to go back to drawing, painting, and art in general. Just before lockdown, I was due to start a ceramic course, which then did not happen. So I started working with air dry clay and finally with polymer clay.
I realised how versatile clay was and that what I was creating was taking the shape of jewellery pieces I would happily want to wear. It was important for me that the design was minimal and each piece completely unique.
I was tired of seeing all the same products coming out from high street brands. For me it’s important to choose carefully what you wear as it’s an expression of who you are.
With everything I design, be it an interior, architecture, or a product, I always start with asking myself :”What’s the vision?” After collecting images, quotes, and colour samples on a mood board, the collection starts taking shape with my sketches.
The first collections I created were inspired by the places I grew up: the colours and texture of Rome, and the deep blue sea of South Italy. I then started exploring different techniques and collaborating with other small brands and artists.
Instagram played a fundamental role in the growth of my brand. My former page didn’t really have a voice. So when I started KLAÏ the re-branding of my page happened naturally. I had 400 followers but once I changed the name and created a cohesive look, within six months I’d grown to more than 2,000 followers. 
Instagram brings in 90 per cent of my sales – it’s all about the connection with your followers. 
Mascha launched Mini Fish during lockdown

Mascha launched Mini Fish during lockdown

Mascha Davis launched Mini Fish during lockdown

My experiences as an entrepreneur, political refugee, and humanitarian have given me a unique perspective and have inspired in me a passion for sustainability and the environment. After realising the devastating impact our demand for seafood is having on our oceans, I decided to take action.
I spent two years developing the recipe for  Mini Fish, the first delicious, sustainable packaged seafood brand that has zero impact on our oceans. We were just getting ready to launch Mini Fish when COVID hit…
Everything got turned upside down, including all of the events and in-person gatherings we planned to attend and host as part of our launch strategy. We had to pivot and go completely digital. Instagram became a key part of this. 
I’d already built another online brand, Nomadista Nutrition, with the help of social media guru Carla Biesinger, so I got back in touch with her to help me with the Mini Fish launch.
We came up with creative ways to network, collaborate and spread the word about this brand new product that no one knew about! 
There’s still a long way to go but what I’ve learned is that it’s so critical to put together a team, ask for help, and be open to new ideas. 
Our case studies all worked with Carla Biesinger to launch or grow their Instagram presence. Find out more about her courses on her website