Our in-depth review of a Medical Grade Foam Mammoth Prestige Express 22 mattress. How comfy is it, did it improve our sleep quality and is it worth the money? We investigate..

Top Santé readers are well aware the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and what can be a bigger influence than what you sleep on? For this reason I’ve been looking for a new mattress for a while but procrastinated, as I was overwhelmed by the wealth of options available. They are a costly investment so I was nervous about making the right choice. That is why I was excited to try the Mammoth Prestige Express 22 mattress.

It arrived vacuum packed, rolled conveniently into a box which was easy to maneuver up my tight staircase, this scored big points with me! I was skeptical that something so compact could be the luxury mattress I was hoping for. I was wrong and surprised to see it expand so quickly as the packaging was taken off. The first thing that stuck me was the washable cover, not only does this look smarter than a traditional mattress, I liked the fact it could be cleaned – you have a mattress for a long time!

What is Medical Grade mattress foam?

It is important to understand that Mammoth mattresses are made of Medical Grade™ Foam rather than memory foam. After a little investigation I leaned that Medical grade foam is a unique product developed by Mammoth. They claim there are two key differences. Firstly it doesn’t rely on body heat to soften it in the same way memory foam does, this avoids overheating problems. I have heard people say that memory foam can be hot to sleep on which was a real turn off for me as I really struggle to sleep when I’m too hot. I have been sleeping the Mammoth Prestige Express 22 for a few months now and I haven’t found any temperature difference to my previous sprung mattress which is great, granted, I haven’t used this mattress through the height of summer yet, but based on my experience so far I am confident it will be fine.

A mattress that’s great for helping with pain

Secondly Mammoth claim their mattresses relieve pressure 47% better than memory foam, in fact their mattresses were originally designed to improve the performance and wellbeing of Olympians and elite athletes. I figure if they can support Olympians then it must help my aches and pains after a park run! It is classed as a medium mattress, it felt quite firm when I first slept on it, but it did soften over time and after a couple of weeks it is just right for me, however I’ve never slept well on soft beds. The consistency is quite different to the sprung mattress I’m used to, I would say it’s more squidgy than bouncy. The change did take a couple of nights to get used to but now I prefer it. When you get into bed you can feel yourself sinking into it (but not far enough that it’s hard to change position!), it does feel more supportive that other beds I’ve tried. I’ve recently suffered a shoulder injury and sleeping has been awkward, but the Mammoth Prestige Express 22 made it easy to settle into a comfortable position and I felt the mattress offered me the support I needed, most importantly, I did sleep better. The extra support doesn’t come at the cost of comfort though, it also feels luxurious and indulgent and it’s great to relax into it after a long day.

Any problems with the Mammoth mattress?

My only negative is there is a slight fusty smell when the mattress is new. I believe this is the case with all foam mattresses. It faded after a couple of weeks. It didn’t bother me too much as I knew it was temporary, but it’s something to bear in mind if you are sensitive to smells.

Is a Mammoth Prestige Express worth it?

Overall I have been really happy with the Mammoth Prestige Express 22. I have been sleeping better and rarely stir in the night – what more could you want!

The Mammoth Prestige Express 22 is available exclusively at Furniture Village and comes with 2 Free MicroFibre Pillows. Prices start at £649 for a single mattress.

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