Struggling with hot flushes, dull skin and fatigue? Find menopause relief and feel your best again with these herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

1. All-round menopause support

menopause supplements

Vitl menopause (£24.95 for a 28-day pack) features nutrients selected to help you feel more comfortable as your body enters the menopause. An active probiotic supports gut health, while krill omega-3 contributes towards a healthy brain and heart. There’s also a magnesium supplement, which has been combined with calcium to maximise absorption. Lastly, there’s a multivitamin to support your overall health. The four supplements come in daily strips labelled with the day of the week. You should take them all together on a full stomach.

2. Best perimenopause relief supplement

Suvi Labs (£45 for a 30-day supply) supports women during their 40s. With seven natural ingredients, including marine collagen to help increase skin elasticity, ashwagandha root to help ease anxiety, Siberian ginseng to help brain function and saffron to help reduce hot flushes, this supplement aims to relieve symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations.

3. Balance your hormones with black cohosh

Healthspan Black Cohosh Menopause Relief (£19.95) is a herbal medicine containing rhizome and root extract from black cohosh. This herb is believed have a direct action on your brain, helping normalise oestrogen-progesterone balance. It can also help relieve night sweats, low libido and anxiety.

4. Best red clover supplement

NaturesPlus BioAdvanced Menopause Support (£23.95 for 60 capsules) is formulated with vitamins D3, B12, B6, magnesium, folate, sage, red clover and dong quai to help lower menopause symptoms and regulate hormonal changes. NaturesPlus also adds maca tuber and damiana leaf to this blend, to help stimulate and maintain a natural sex drive.

5. High-level vitamin support

Menopause Multi – Together Health

Together Health Menopause Multi Vit & Mineral Whole Food Supplement (£18.99) includes 22 highly absorbed wholefood vitamins and minerals to help support women’s needs during the menopause. Vitamins D3, B1, B6, B12 and biotin, as well as ashwagandha and sage, help keep bones healthy, regulate hormonal activity, protect cells from oxidative stress and damage, and alleviate menopause symptoms.

6. Best multivitamin for menopause

herbal remedies and supplements for menopause relief

Jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, Inessa Advanced Daily Multivitamin tablets (£27.99) are perfect for providing all of the nutrients you need during this life phase to feel healthy and energised. Vitamins D3 and K2 work to support your general wellbeing. Plus, you’ll find 100mg of CoQ10, which is important for your energy production.

7. Reduce PMS symptoms

supplements for menopause relief

If your periods have become heavier in the lead up to menopause, and PMS is also worse, try Forage Botanicals Premenstrual Peace Drops (£22.99). Taken in water throughout the month, the tincture contains passionflower and rose extract to help give your body a boost and reduce the intensity of PMS.

8. Specialised supplement blends for perimenopause or menopause relief

peri boost for perimenopause symptoms

The perimenopause and menopause relief powder blends from MPowder (£69 for 30-day supply) are here to support your through each stage of the menopause. The blends contain 24+ plant-based vegan ingredients. These target hormone balance, fatigue, bone density and skin elasticity.

Each pouch comes with the offer to track your symptoms for the first month, with free access to health experts and a personalised report at the end of 30 days. Subscription also gives you access to a private Facebook community, The Powder Room, where you can connect with others also using the blends, get tips and advice, plus free workshops.

9. CBD supplements for menopause relief

Our Remedy CBD Moon Swings (from £28.99) is designed to balance your mood, aid sleep and reduce anxiety. With a blend of CBD and essential oils, it should begin to work after just a week of regular use. Plus, it’s deliciously flavoured with peppermint!

10. Collagen supplements for menopause

collagen supplement for menopause relief

When you reach menopause, you start to lose collagen fast. Why not try topping up with a collagen supplement? We recommend Correxiko Marine Collagen Capsules (£29). The company creates these supplements using ethically sourced collagen from deep sea fish in Canadian waters. Take one once a day to help restore, repair and revitalise your skin and hair.

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