If you’ve always wanted to be more mindful but struggled to motivate yourself, we’ve got good news: mindfulness training could help with weight loss, according to a new study.

Participants taking part in an intensive weight management programme found that using mindfulness techniques increased the amount of weight lost, over a six month period, in a study from the University of Warwick.

The study looked at 53 people who were attending a weight loss management programme at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Just over half of participants completed at least three of four mindfulness sessions involving courses including the difference between mindful and mindless eating, and Compassionate Mind Therapy.

Those taking part in mindfulness sessions lost an average of 6.6 pounds during the six month period – over three times as much as those who didn’t use mindfulness, who lost just under 2lbs.

‘This research is significant as we have shown that problematic eating behavior can be improved with mindfulness application,’ says lead author Dr Petra Hanson. ‘We are the first centre in the United Kingdom that created a structured multidisciplinary course incorporating mindfulness and assessed its effectiveness in patients attending obesity clinics.’