Whether you want an instant lift, to banish the mid-afternoon slump, or simply improve everyday energy levels, the March issue of Top Santè has all the advice you need. Here’s a taster!

Energise your soul

Improve your everyday energy levels!

Take a break: allow yourself time out every 30 mins to stretch or grab a drink – it helps alertness.

Have ‘me time’: Dedicate time just for you, be it pampering, chatting to long-distance friends, or arts and crafts. It will increase endorphins to boost energy.

Attract what you desire: Write down where you are in life on the left of a notepad, and where you want to be on the right. in logical order, note the things needed to reach your goal. It will energise your subconscious to help you achieve your aims.

Create a gratitude journal: write down five things that make you smile each day. This focuses you on positive energy.

Let go of the outcome: if issues arise in your life journey, try to appreciate each small step towards your goals. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more motivated and optimistic.

Stretch it out

Improve your everyday energy levels!

By getting your blood pumping with these six dynamic stretches, you will spark your senses and lift your mood. This can be done every day, wherever you are and will immediately make you feel better. Complete 10 of each move, twice:

Shoulder rolls: With your hands on your shoulders, squeeze your elbows all the way up and round in a circle.

Knee hugs: Hug one knee to your chest, then the other.

Torso twists: With your feet wide and head up, slowly rotate your torso from left to right.

Toe touches: With your leg out to the side, reach forward with the opposite arm to touch your opposite toes. Do both sides.

Backward step lunge: Step one foot back and lower hands to the floor, power back up and repeat with your other leg.

Tricep taps: Lift your arm up with your elbow high, and tap your palm between your shoulder blades. do both sides.

No to negativity

Improve your everyday energy levels!

Control dramas are when people sap your energy by being judgmental or intimidating, or when they want to control situations. ‘you can keep your emotional energy high by becoming aware of and recognising another’s control drama. stay present and allow them to vent, without rising to it or absorbing it, but rather creating the space to let them experience their truth in that moment. send energy and love to them. it will defuse the negativity,’ says Dr Jody Janati.

Super snacks

Improve your everyday energy levels!

Berries, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, can help improve cognitive function and accuracy for up to six hours after you’ve eaten them.

Kiwi fruits make the ideal afternoon snack. Fluctuating fluid levels can affect your electrolyte levels, causing fatigue later in the day, but kiwis contain potassium, which brings it back in balance.

Nuts such as almonds, brazils and walnuts are fantastic sources of magnesium, which improves energy by nourishing your nerves and muscles.

‘Malt loaf’, which releases its energy slowly, provides B vitamins, and gives a natural energy boost to fuel a busy day or a workout – try Soreen’s malt loaf bar or lunchbox loaves in apple, banana and orange flavours

Fake it till you make it

Improve your everyday energy levels!

The way you think and feel affects behaviour – and it works the other way around too. How you act can boost mood – by acting more energetically, you trick your mind into thinking you feel full of beans. Try shaking out your arms and legs, or hopping from one foot to another for a few seconds to rev your mind up.