college of naturopathic medicine cnmLucia Stansbie left a stressful career behind to reclaim her good health with a qualification from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)

I’m so proud to have gained a second qualification in my 30s. My degree from CNM has allowed me to change career to something I love, while helping others, too. For years I worked in fashion, which was stressful due to long hours and constant travelling. An unhealthy lifestyle took its toll on my health. I also wanted a career where I could help others with my knowledge.

Rediscovering natural remedies

I grew up in Italy where natural remedies are part of the culture. From a young age, I tried not to use too many medicines and instead focused on a healthy lifestyle. My diet was balanced and I cooked from scratch using seasonal produce. I was lucky that my local pharmacy also had a herbalist and homeopath to advise on alternative remedies.

However, when I moved to London, I let my diet slip and didn’t use alternative medicines as they weren’t as accessible. Overtime, the change in lifestyle and stressful career resulted in low energy, insomnia and hormone imbalance. After little help from my GP, I reverted back to healthy nutrition and natural therapies to take control of my health.

Expert teaching from CNM

Studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) was empowering and motivating and truly life changing. CNM’s holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing and its extensive clinical practice hours is what attracted me. The campus is also in a prime London location making it easy to get to.

I especially loved how passionate and knowledgeable the lecturers were, covering different topics across the first two years, as it exposed me to diverse points of view and practicing styles. I also loved the clinical practice; it was nerve-wracking at first but so rewarding to help my first client. I also loved meeting new like-minded people during the course, some of whom have become very close friends.

Beginning my career in nutrition

A week after receiving my nutrition diploma, I set up my online practice and I also consult for a company that specialises in nutrition. I’m so grateful I now have total control over my health and career and that I can help improve other people’s health, too.

CNM has a 22-year track record training successful natural health practitioners, in class and online, with colleges across the UK and Ireland. To find out more, visit or call 01342 777 747.