We review Zestfulness life coaching

While I am a self-help book addict, until a fortnight ago I had never tried life coaching. When Natali Cohen, from Zestfulness, offered me a taster of her work, I was eager to sign up. She’s got more than a decade’s experience across a range of qualifications, including personal training, health, life and business coaching, and aims to help clients achieve their full potential, in whatever area they fancy.

Here’s how I got on, and five reasons to give life coaching a whirl.

  1. You discover what matters. Sessions with Natali involve ranking areas of your life (everything from your partner and career to your relationship with your home) to help identify what’s missing. It’s a really simple visual exercise (completed on a pie chart) that quickly highlights areas that might be making you unhappy, or stopping you from meeting your goals.
  2. You’ll get out of a rut. It’s sometimes so easy to get bogged down in your day-to-day routine, without having time or inclination to examine the bigger picture, or where you might like to be in a year’s time. That’s why committing to a life coaching session is a great way to break out of habits, and examine where you life is right now, versus where you’d like it to be.
  3. You’ll break down your goals, step by step. Sometimes the things we want in life can feel too big and overwhelming. Voicing them to a life coach means you can bat around ideas, and examine the various things that might be holding you back. Natali was great at helping me work out appropriate, achievable challenges for the week ahead, and knowing she’d be checking up on me was a big motivator.
  4. You’ll be made accountable. As much as we all like to think we’re grown ups and perfectly capable of looking after ourselves, let’s face it – sometimes we need a bit of handholding! Having a life coach to answer to (as well as the financial commitment you’ve made) can be just what you need to spur you into action.
  5. You’ll get more done in a week than you thought possible! Knowing Natali was going to call again, and not wanting to waste the opportunity or let her (or myself) down, I made sure to clear windows of time during the week, and made myself accountable by writing them into my diary. As the tasks were so varied – elements of housework, mental work and exercise – they made my week both productive and interesting.

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