I’ve heard that dry-brushing your legs helps improve the skin. What exactly does it involve, and how does it work? Kathy, 50

Dry brushing has been used for centuries and is a cross between skin exfoliation and massage. It works from the outside in and although no scientific evidence exists on its detoxifying benefits, stimulating the lymphatic system can help your body to shift waste and toxins at a faster rate. It also helps tone the muscles and connective tissues under the skin by distributing the fatty deposits evenly. Use a natural bristle brush and gently sweep upwards over your skin with long strokes, starting from the feet and moving to your thighs. It’s best done after a warm shower but your skin should be dry, and you can then follow up by using your favourite body oil. Brushing your legs in the morning could help you feel energised throughout the day, and can really improve the look and feel of your skin.