Q: I’ve heard conflicting advice on how to apply foundation. Which is best: fingers, sponge or brush? 

Ask the Experts: What's the best way to apply foundation?

If it is a liquid foundation, you can apply it with your fingers, or a synthetic tapered foundation brush. For pressed or loose powder, I recommend a Kabuki brush made with natural bristles. Sponges can suit both forms, but the problem with most of them is that a lot of product is wasted because it stays on the sponge’s surface. There is an exception to this phenomenon and that is the Beautyblender, (£16 cultbeauty.co.uk). You would be surprised at how well it provides coverage without wasting product. It’s shaped like an egg, which perfectly fits the contours of your face, providing an almost air-brushed finish. The extra advantage of using a sponge is that you won´t inhale airborne minerals such as titanium dioxide contained in powdered foundations, which have been shown to irritate the respiratory tract.

Karen Sinclair-Drake is an expert in natural skincare (cosmeticresearchlab.com)