Looking after your skin is not all about lotions and potions – a well-chosen beauty tool or gadget can make all the difference.

Massaging beauty tool

Giving your jowls a massage couldn’t be easier with the Templespa The Elevator Firming Massager for neck, Jaw and Face (£20, templespa.com). You simply move it up and down, and let the rolling heads and massager nodules do the work for you. It leaves skin feeling all tingly, encourages lymphatic drainage, and stimulates
the complexion. The brand says it takes regular use to improve the overall health of skin, plus sculpting and lifting the neck and cheek area… so get ready to roll.

Soothing beauty tool

Minimise puffiness and soothe your skin with Skn Rehab Facial Ice Globes (£40, sknrehab.com). Not only will they look pretty in your bathroom cabinet, but they are a great go-to at the end of the day to calm and relieve your complexion. Simply glide them over your face and the cool globes get straight to work.

Reviving results

Gua sha tools are a great, natural approach to skincare and this Green People Jade Gua Sha Massage Tool (£12.50, greenpeople.co.uk) is a pleasure to use. You start by massaging some of your favourite facial oil into your skin, so that the tool can sweep smoothly over the surface, then start your massage following the instructions that come with the massage tool. It only takes a minute and it leaves your skin feeling wonderfully revived.

Stimulating idea

Hundreds of tiny needles are the key to the Ecooking Derma Roller (£78, ecooking.com). The Danish skincare
brand has created this tool to stimulate circulation and collagen production, improving skin tone and texture. You simply roll it on your skin (remembering to lift it when changing direction!) after cleansing, but remember to follow the instructions carefully and to sterilise it thoroughly before use. It’s not suitable for people with sensitive skin conditions.

Dirt-busting beauty tool

Smart cleansing device, the Skinego Prime (£95, skinego.com) has two functions. First, the silicone bristles help lift away dirt and impurities, for cleaner, clearer skin. And second, turn it around and you’ll find on the other side there are some oval ridges that can be used for a gentle eye massage. It’s an elegant little package.

Cleansing gadget

There is something rather satisfying about cleansing your skin with steam – it feels so thorough! The MaGn!tone Steamahead Hydrating Facial Micro Steamer (£30, magnitone.co.uk) creates micro-steam particles that open pores and lift impurities away, getting your complexion primed for the next stage, whether that is exfoliation or skincare products. You can also use it with essential oils for an, even more, relaxing experience.

Find out how keeping things simple can boost your beauty.