Goulash with Cucumber Noodles

This recipe uses firm tofu or tempeh to provide a meaty texture and plenty of protein. You can use textured vegetable protein (TVP) instead, if you prefer, or a couple of cans of drained, cooked kidney beans. If you don’t have a spiraliser, use a potato peeler to create long thin strips of cucumber.

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that’s a popular vegan meat replacement, especially in Japan. Being a fermented product, tempeh helps support beneficial gut bacteria for good digestive health and immune function. Cucumbers are full of water as well as several important vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, which is good for relaxing your muscles. Serves 2.

Dry the 150g tempeh or tofu, cut into chunks, with kitchen paper and toss in a little cornflour seasoned with salt and pepper.

Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan and sauté the tempeh or tofu for 5-6 mins until lightly brown all over. Remove from the pan and set aside

Add a thinly sliced red onion, one finely diced red pepper, and four thinly sliced button mushrooms and sauté for 5 mins until the onion has softened.

Add half a deseeded and diced red chilli, a crushed clove of garlic and 1 tsp paprika and cook for a couple of mins.

Add 1 tbsp tomato puree, 100ml vegan red wine, 2tsp maple syrup and 2 tbsp coconut cream with the tempeh and simmer for 2-3 mins until the sauce is thick and creamy. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water to thin as needed. Season to taste

Spoon into bowls and top with half a cucumber, spiralled into long noodles.