Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more popular, as thousands of people look to cut down their alcohol consumption. We speak to drink experts Aidy and Helena from @TheThreeDrinkers to find out their pick of the latest no or low alcohol bevvies…

It’s important to understand that non-alcoholic drinks do not taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts. The amount of alcohol within these drinks acts like a structure, binding everything together and creating texture in the mouth. This has a direct effect on the taste we get from them. A non-alcoholic drink doesn’t have the alcohol and therefore gives a totally different mouthfeel and experience. If we take a gin for example, a 40% alcohol London dry gin has a density and boldness to it that wraps around the mouth (that’s the alcohol), alongside the botanical flavours, which should be well balanced in the drink. A non-alcohol spirit imitating a gin doesn’t give us the same mouthfeel (texture) that alcohol does, but it offers more gentle nuances of the botanicals within the drink. Technically, we can’t even call it a ‘non-alcoholic gin’ because by definition gin has alcohol in it! This is a pretty unregulated area, but things are changing quickly. Non-alcohol beer is the exception here – with some stunning examples that you’d have no idea had little to no booze in at all. That might be because a lot of beers have very little alcohol in them, so the effect is less pronounced, but the technique for removing alcohol in beers seems to have worked much better in terms of keeping a similar taste.

Cut down your alcohol consumptions with the latest non-alcoholic drinks…

Lucky Saint (£25 for 12 bottles)

One of the best non-alcoholic lagers on the market is Lucky Saint, produced in the heart of Bavaria in Germany. If beer is your thing, you’ll adore it. Citrus forward with a perfect balance of toffee and caramel. It’s got a fraction of the calories you’d usually drink too.

The Original Small Beer Session Pale (£2.69 per bottle)

At just 2.5 per cent alcohol, Small Beer is a super low alcohol alternative and one of the best tasting low-alcohol beers on the market. The Session Pale has some phenomenal tropical notes, apricot and a really juicy burst of fruit with that crisp hoppy finish.

OTO CBD Botanical Seltzers (£11)

There’s a lot of hard seltzers hitting the market right now with around 4% alcohol – but there’s also a growing trend of non-alcoholic ranges too. OTO is a luxury CBD company that has forayed into this category and done an amazing job in the process. Each of its 3 seltzers has a range of health benefits as an added incentive, including 25mg of CBD. Choose from: Focus (Korean Sencha, Mint and Kampot Pepper), Amplify (Bitter Orange, Goji Berry and Habanero Chilli Extract) and Balance (Elderflower, Cucumber and Liquorice). If you want to focus on your health, this is the right choice for you.

McGuigan Zero Rosé (£4)

The best non-alcoholic wine on the market right now is McGuigan Zero’s Rosé. What makes it different from the others on the market is the ‘spinning cone’ technology it utilises. Basically, the wine is drawn into fine layers and vaporised in a way that retains more flavours. Fresh strawberries, cherries and a citric kick holds everything together. Even better when chilled!

Mockingbird Spirit (£23)

Mockingbird is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative for tequila lovers. It takes the botanicals and flavour nuances of tequila and packs it into this wonderful drink to give you tons of flavour. Made using blue weber agave, you get a sweet vanilla glaze, juicy agave and a slight kick of chili pepper. Good on the palate and good on the waistline!  

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