This week (7 – 13 September) is Zero Waste Week! Zero waste living is all about living sustainably with minimal (or zero!) waste – think reusable bottles, refill services and food scrap recipes! Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite advice and brands to help you on your way to a zero waste life…

Ditch single-use sanitary products

Zero waste products from BeYouAs women, we get through a lot of sanitary products during our periods. However, many tampons and pads can’t yet be recycled. Why not switch these single-use products for a more eco-friendly, zero waste option, such as a menstrual cup. We love these ones from BeYou (£14.99) which come in two sizes and provide up to 12 hours protection. They are designed to last for up to 10 years – just think how much waste you’ll be preventing!

Buy refillable toiletry bottles

Zero waste products from Bower CollectiveEvery year, millions of plastic toiletry bottles are thrown away. Instead, why not buy refillable bottles? Lots of brands are now offering zero waste refill schemes on their products, helping you to cut down on your waste. We love these reusable bottles and refill pouches from Bower Collective (bottles from £2.99, 500ml refill pouches from £20). Once you are finished with the Refill Pouch, simply send it back so it can be sterilised and reused! They offer a wide range of products from Shampoo and Conditioner, to laundry detergent. Plus, each product is made using 100 per cent natural ingredients!

Zero waste while on the go 

Due to busy lifestyles, so many people find themselves eating and drinking on the go. This can quickly add up to lots of plastic waste, from single-use plastic cutlery to non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups. Next time you head out, make sure you’ve got some reusable utensils in your bag, so you can sustainably enjoy your meal.  We love the Toolbox Collapsible Culterly Set from Shlurple (£12.24) – because they are collapsible, they’re the perfect size for handbags!

Need a reusable coffee cup? We love this one from Hitch (from £55) – it’s a coffee cup and water bottle in one! Preorder it now to be one of the first to own one!

Find your local zero waste shop

Local grocery store offering refillsAre you sick of throwing away packaging from dried foods like pasta, cereals and flours? As the world becomes greener, several zero waste shops have opened their doors, allowing customers to fill up their own reusable boxes and simply pay by weight. Click here to find your closest zero waste shop.

Grow your own produce!

Zero waste products from Sprout PencilsFruits, vegetables and herbs from the supermarket are often wrapped in single-use plastic. While some supermarkets are now offering loose, unpackaged fruit and veg, the most sustainable way to live is to grow your own produce. Seeds can be purchased from a variety of stores or websites – but why not cut down on waste in other areas of your life at the same time? Every day, 135 million plastic ballpoint pens are produced worldwide – Sprout Pencil (£9.95) is a 100 per cent biodegradable, zero waste alternative to lead pencils and plastic pens, which can be planted to grow into a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers! 

Transform your food scraps!

Food waste tips from ODDBOX Avoid food waste with these top tips from fruit and vegetable delivery service ODDBOX

Create a citrus-scented cleaner

Use your spent citrus rinds to add a zesty scent to homemade all-purpose kitchen spray. Fill a large jar with your rinds, pour in white vinegar to cover, secure with a lid and leave in a dark place for at least a fortnight – the longer you leave it, the more time it will have to infuse. Strain out your peelings with a fine-mesh sieve, then decant your newly scented cleaner into a spray bottle.

Try avocado-peel as a moisturiser

Avocados contain plenty of fatty acids that are beneficial for your hair and skin. Rub the leftover peel all over your skin and hair, leave it for 20 minutes to work its magic, then wash it off.

Make your own apple cider vinegar

Don’t throw away your apple scraps! Simply add your apple peelings and the cores to a jar, then dilute 2 tablespoons of sugar to every 500ml of cold water, and pour the mixture over your apple scraps. Cover the jar with a piece of cloth or kitchen towel, secure with an elastic band, then set aside to ferment for one to two weeks, stirring it once a day. You’ll soon see it start to bubble and fizz. When it starts to smell and taste like vinegar, strain it into a clean bottle and store in the fridge. Perfect for salad dressings!