Whether you’re diabetic, dieting or just looking to cut down on sugar, these low or no sugar snacks would make a great addition to any lunchbox.

The low-sugar chocolate snack

Still craving that chocolate fix? Try Peakz chocolate squares (a range of flavours are available from £1.10). They contain 46 per cent less sugar than comparable snacks and contain B12, iron and plenty of fibre.

The low-sugar ice lolly

Claudi & Fin ice lollies have less sugar than the majority of other ice creams and are made with all-natural ingredients. Watching your weight? They’re only 32 calories each too.

The active nuts

These Linwoods Organic Active Nuts (£3.99) are a great way to sate your hunger and provide a natural source of protein and Vitamin E. They have no added sugar or salt, and those with a sweet tooth might like the Organic Walnuts with Apple and Cinnamon range.

The chocolate protein ball

These Protein Ball Co Cacao and Orange balls have no added sugar and are made of entirely natural ingredients. They’re a great way for vegetarians in particular to add muscle-repairing protein to their day. Stock up on a box of 10 for £17.99.

The sugar free cookies

Fans of biscuits – rejoice! Maryland has released a sugar free version of its popular chocolate chip cookies (£1.25 per pack) that’s only 100 calories per two biccies.

The low sugar cinema snack

These new Squirrel Sisters share bags are great for cinema trips that won’t ruin your waistline. They feature raw snacks with no added syrups, pastes or sugar alternatives, packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals and made naturally sweet with dates,

The sugar free jelly sweets

Free From Fellows sweets are not only sugar free, but suitable for vegans and contain no gluten either! Their total lack of sugar also makes them lower calorie than similar sweets.

The guilt-free chocolate

Not that we ever believe you should feel guilty about eating chocolate… but this Divine Rich and Dark Organic range should practically have a halo! Not only is it low sugar, but it’s packed with Fairtrade cocoa, and is organic and suitable for vegans. All that, and it’s delicious too.

The low sugar cereal

Breakfast cereals can often hide a shocking amount of sugar, but we love Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola which has less than 4 per cent sugar. (£3.89 per bag) It’s not only a tasty breakfast, but can be easily substituted for sugar-loaded crumble toppings on fruit.

The low sugar chocolate spread

Craving chocolate spread on toast? Try this low sugar Hazelnut Chocolate option from Diablo. (£3.25 per jar) There’s also a Hazelnut and White Chocolate option available.

The sugar free chocolate buttons

These giant dark chocolate buttons from Chocologic contain only naturally occurring sugars and have up to 90 per cent less sugar than similar products. We love them!