Bump up the protein in home-made pancakes by swapping half of the our in your favourite recipe for chocolate protein powder. This Black Forest version contains a delicious and healthy sweet cherry compote.

Makes 4 pancakes, serves 2 Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Per serving: 539 kcals, 23.1g fat
– 12.3g saturates – 46.6g carbs,
25.4g sugars, 34.7g protein, 2.7g bre, 1.6g salt


Plain flour 50g
Chocolate protein powder 50g
Baking powder 1⁄2 tsp
Bicarbonate of soda 1⁄2 tsp
Buttermilk, kefir or semi-skimmed milk or milk alternative 200ml
Eggs 2

Frozen pitted cherries 200g
Dark chocolate 30g, finely grated
Crème fraîche or coconut cream 2-4 tbsp to serve

1 Place the flour, protein powder, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda in a blender. Add the eggs and enough buttermilk to form a thick batter. Set aside for at least 2 mins.

2 Spray a pan with a little olive oil, pour in a little of the batter and swirl around the pan. Cook for 1-2 mins until the underside is lightly golden then flip over and cook briefly for 30 secs. Remove from the pan and repeat with the remaining batter.

3 To make the compote, place the cherries in a pan with a splash of water. Cover the pan and simmer gently for 5 mins until soft.

4 Divide the pancakes between two plates and top with the cherry compote. Sprinkle with some dark chocolate and drizzle over a little coconut cream or crème fraîche to serve.