Comprising a whole network of organs and cells, your immune system has to work hard at this time of year to fend off bugs. Our top tips can help bolster your body in just one day!

In the morning…Chill out

People who washed in cold water in the morning for a month took fewer sick days than those who used warm water, according to researchers in the Netherlands. It’s due to the shock it gives your immune system, which strengthens it against further ‘attacks’. Splash your face with cold, or turn the dial right down on your shower for a minute to get the best benefits.

From midday…Head outside

Right around now is the last opportunity to top up your vitamin D before the sun’s UV rays become too low for your body to produce it. This nutrient is vital for immune function, so when the sun’s at its highest point at midday – and it still counts when it’s cloudy – go for a stroll. It’s also worth starting a supplement now and throughout the winter, such as Lifeplan Vitamin D 1000iu tablets (£6.20,

In the evening…Cuddle up

It doesn’t matter whether it’s to your partner or your pet – any kind of snuggle time is good for you. People who experience affection are shown to pick up fewer bugs thanks to being less stressed, say researchers from Yale University in the US.

24 hour immunity boost

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