College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate Ilaria Ambrogi developed her passion for cooking and health.

CNM is a pillar for natural heath therapies where like-minded people can work together to change the worldwide approach to health problems.

I love cooking for friends and family and have always been interested in natural alternatives. Although I was an actress and director, for years I’d been looking for other creative ways to reach maximum fulfilment. I wanted a career that made me feel joyful and useful every day and the CNM Natural Chef course sounded perfect.

My dream was to combine cooking and health but I didn’t know anyone provided a course like that. I went to the CNM website to look at naturopathy courses and was so excited to find my dream course existed! I had no doubt about starting Natural Chef.

Looking into natural therapies

Both my parents’ cancer diagnoses a few years ago led me to research the power of foods and natural therapies. I wanted to help them with the intense mainstream treatments they were going through and I started to believe in the effect of changing one’s lifestyle and nutrition to resolve illness. My dad was even able to reverse one of the tumours using natural therapies.

I began to take nutritional and lifestyle changes very seriously for myself when I tested positive to the BRCA1 gene mutation, which greatly raises breast cancer risk. I started working for the Whole Foods Market. Later I decided to take the CNM Natural Chef course and make this passion a career.

Learning from my classmates

What I especially loved about the course was my classmates. It so happened my class was all women. They had come for different reasons and from different backgrounds and had so much to give. I learnt so much from them! I loved every lecturer and enjoyed cooking in a calm setting. It was very different from the work environment I had been used to. It helped me get healthier and experiment in my own kitchen.

Fun, creative and healthy, the CNM Natural Chef course helped me take myself seriously as somebody knowledgeable in healthy cooking. It made me believe I could start my own business – something I had never thought I could do.

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