Despite the obvious golden glow, travel really does make you smarter, sexier and more interesting. Let us explain…


Travel gives you stories and stories are attractive – of course it does depend on what the stories are about and how you tell them, but simply having them is a good start. Past the usual small talk, finding something to say can be a challenge, so stories of far-away places and people can come in very beneficial. Naturally, the more unfamiliar, dangerous and glamorous the news is, the more captivating.

A Sunday afternoon outing to the local DIY store vs a sunny but ultimately triumphant ascent of a mountain.

All travel stories, however humble, are worth telling, and, if told with sufficient verve, humour and exaggeration, will make you more attractive.


Does travel make you a more rounded person? A bit more aware of cultures, a bit more tolerant? Perhaps. But if air miles alone could make you good, then Donald Trump would be the Dalai Lama. Nevertheless, experiences change us and changes can be positive.


An unseasonal suntan is attractive and saves us a small fortune in fake tan. But there is also that inner glow of a happy, healthy person who has lately been somewhere amazing, seen beautiful things and had incredibly cool experiences.


Envy is sometimes (though not always) the base of desire. How does that old saying go – ‘women want to be with him, men want to be like him’ – it’s a balancing act.


Forget oysters and scarab beetles – we think we’ve covered the majority there. A few mispronounced words or phrases in a foreign language are among the most potent aphrodisiacs known to mankind.


So that’s the ‘recently returned traveller’ scenarios covered. However remember no matter how dull and familiar you may feel when you’re at home, you’re automatically exotic when you’re away. Just being yourself somewhere else can make you more incredible.

7. HOPE:

One reason why people like hearing travel stories so much is because such stories give them hope and encourage them to dream. Go to those places. Cast off the shackles, lose yourself for a while, reconnect, be astounded… and why not?!

Just think of all the great stories you’ll have to tell when you get back from wherever it is you choose to go.

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