Far from the partying crowds, a new yoga retreat is fast becoming the White Isle’s go-to wellbeing destination. Editor Katy Sunnassee sampled a little of the Soulshine Retreats experience  – here’s her review!

Gazing out to sea surely has to be one of the most relaxing pastimes – even more so when it’s the azure waters of the Med, and you’re sitting on a huge sofabed listening to chillout music. That’s what I was doing a few months ago, getting my last vitamin D fix of the year while letting the tension in my shoulders melt away at Soulshine Retreats in the north of Ibiza.

Wifi and phone signals there are almost non-existent, which gave me the perfect opportunity to go unplugged and allow my poor, claw-shaped fingers – from too much texting and typing – a chance to unfurl.

Travel Review: Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza

Founded in 2013, Soulshine Retreats has recently moved location to the gorgeous Can Shui, a spacious, tranquil Ibizan villa tucked away down a winding, extremely bumpy road near St Miguel, far, far away from the madding crowds of revellers who tend to be based along the south coast.

On arrival you’re given an individual wellbeing consultation by Soulshine’s founder and lead yoga teacher, Soulla, who listens to any worries and woes with compassion. She’ll also suggest how you might get the most from your stay including recommendations for top-notch local therapists who come to the villa to offer everything from acupuncture and myofascial release to Shiatsu, Reiki, reflexology and even oracle readings – it is Ibiza, after all.

Top tip: do try the Shiatsu. It was one of the most deeply relaxing experiences I’ve ever had!

Yoga classes at Soulshine

Travel Review: Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza

Yoga sessions are held high up on a wooden deck surrounded by pine trees, facing out to sea. While energising routines are mainly held before breakfast to wake you up for the day, more restorative, introspective sessions are saved for winding down each evening, often led by Soulshine manager Rich, who has a lovely, calming aura about him.

Glorious Soulshine Food

Travel Review: Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza

The kitchen at Soulshine is headed up by super-talented chef Remko, who’s somewhat of a celebrity in his native Holland. His vegetarian dishes delight the palate with a variety of raw or lightly-cooked vegetables, gluten-free grains, pulses and herbs. Even meat eaters, which I am, will feel full after each fabulous three-course dinner, often consisting of a soup, a vibrant salad then a decadently rich cacao or fruity dessert – perfect for Instagram pics!

Room With A View

Travel Review: Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza

I was lucky enough to stay in what is arguably the best place in the villa: the Ananda Suite – an enormous room for three with two bathrooms and a balcony the entire length of the space facing the sea (left). Most of the other rooms are tucked round the side of the house, some with no view, so if you don’t mind sharing with others, go for this one – it’s well worth it! There are also a couple of impressive single rooms if you prefer to have
your own space.

The combination of calming views, wholesome food and expert yoga tuition, not to mention the warm and welcoming vibe from all members of the team, means your soul is bound to be shining brighter by the time you leave – I know mine was.

More information on the Soulshine Retreat

Travel Review: Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza

Pure Soulshine Retreats start from £1,185 for a shared room for six nights with meals, a pamper treatment and workshops included. The Shine Bright retreats, for returning guests or those looking for a more in-depth experience, start from £1,185 (shared) and are led by Soulla. Additional therapies, meal out on the free day and flights are not included.